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* fix up python, matlab in tutorials/doc

* @jahn fixup, add BC, minor format edits

* minor edit to baroclinic tut README

* makeover of the python analysis code, not using xarray

* fix matlab/python codes; fix mnc_test_-text bits; describe stat-diags output

* replace plots (better colormaps, we had changed a parm and no longer matched up)

* add xarray version of python analysis code, edit other versions

* few minor tweaks, replace streamfn plot

* do rename Zmd00015->Z in .py file as per discussion

* more specific discussion/use of numpy and xarray broadcasting

* read time axis rather than hard-code; also pcolor discussion

* more cleanup, remove some hard-coded numbers

* move matlab colormaps to utils/matlab

* new version of python code with shorter lines

* remove inadventent tabs inserted in several lines

* replace hard-coded 62s with Nx or Ny

* minor edits

* edited and reformatted xarray-version python script

* code improvements, remove additional hard-coding

* minor edits to comments

* move comment about xgcm to more relevant place

* fix up matlab_plots code to match up with python script

* additional formatting cleanup

* minor comment edits, including note about figures sizing

* add some comments to BT gyre genmake scripts

* add comments to gendata files, make code clearer

* rewrite/make clearer section on MITgcm file formats (3.9)

* edit line spacing to improve readability

* fix python syntax

* make matlab, pthyon codes in tutorial easier to read

* add some spaces to increase .py and .m code readability

* No "degree Kelvin", just "K" for Kelvin

* minor edits following review

* move README to

* Update

* Update

Co-authored-by: Jean-Michel Campin <>


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