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Added classes to the product box HTML

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MJGrant committed Jun 14, 2019
1 parent 398884a commit 7810747aec1d7b40db93aeab018ee0cb858b3539
Showing with 6 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +6 −5 amazin-product-box/amazin-product-box.php
@@ -26,15 +26,16 @@
function amazin_product_box_render_in_post($productBox) {
$id = $productBox->ID;
$productBoxTitle = $productBox->post_title;
$stripped = stripslashes($productBox->post_content);
$content = json_decode($stripped, true);
<div class="product-box" id="product-box-id" style="border:1px solid grey;">
<h3><?php echo $productBoxTitle ?></h3>
<p><?php echo $content['productTagline'] ?></p>
<p><?php echo $content['productDescription'] ?></p>
<a href="<?php echo $content['productLink'] ?>"><?php echo $content['productButtonText'] ?></a>
<div class="amazin-product-box" id="<?php echo 'amazin-product-box-id-'.$id; ?>" style="border:1px solid grey;">
<h3 class="amazin-product-box-product-name"><?php echo $productBoxTitle ?></h3>
<p class="amazin-product-box-tagline"><?php echo $content['productTagline'] ?></p>
<p class="amazin-product-box-description" ><?php echo $content['productDescription'] ?></p>
<a class="amazin-product-box-button" href="<?php echo $content['productLink'] ?>"><?php echo $content['productButtonText'] ?></a>
return ob_get_clean();

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