A Discord bot that creates logs compatible with mIRCStats.
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StatBot []

A Discord Bot which logs in the HydraIRC complient log format so that mIRCStats will work. Slightly modified parser can be found in the mIRCStats parser folder.

Download: GitHub release


Compile (or download) and place in a location you want the software in. Configure the application through the StatBot.exe.config file. More information can be found here about the token: https://github.com/reactiflux/discord-irc/wiki/Creating-a-discord-bot-&-getting-a-token

You can either let the bot log to channelname.log or channelid.log. You can figure out what channel belongs to a channelid by opening the log and checking the first line, or by writing #channelname in Discord. It will show something like <#296923759988703232> where 296923759988703232 is the id.


If a channel is renamed and the bot is set to log to channelname.log, you can use a script to move the old and new log files into a folder. If you specify the channel name in the first log (for this example, 1.log) through the following line:

"*** Now talking in #channelname"

mIRCStats will recognize that name.

Example batch script for combining multiple logs:

  • mkdir C:\Discord\StatBot\277418737798479872\general
  • copy "C:\Discord\StatBot\277418737798479872\general.log" "C:\Discord\StatBot\277418737798479872\general\1.log" /Y
  • copy "C:\Discord\StatBot\277418737798479872\the-toy-factory.log" "C:\Discord\StatBot\277418737798479872\general\2.log" /Y
  • START /WAIT C:\Discord\StatBot\mircstats\mircstats.exe -cfg general.cfg -log "C:\Discord\StatBot\277418737798479872\general*.log" -html Html\general.html


Want to help or need help? Join the discord server https://discord.gg/SFYVQNE , create an issue or create a pull request.

You can also donate at https://www.paypal.me/mjheijster.

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