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Durham IPPP thesis template

This template is a hand-me-down from numerous people and has evolved over the past few years. Steven Charlton worked on a number of fiddly details and fixed much of the template, which was started by M. Imran. Matthew Kirk altered a few details to make it suitable for IPPP students, with a few touches taken from Helen Brooks' thesis.

The template aims to satisfy the university guidelines, but these could change at any time. The most significant change would be to the margin sizes, which are specified in the template when the geometry package is loaded.


Most of the weight of the thesis options are hidden in the ip3thesis.cls class file, which is used by calling \documentclass{ip3thesis} at the top of your thesis file. The class options are documented below.

Also provided is a preamble.tex which contains some possibly useful packages, tool and commands.

Chapters are included using the subfiles package. This is a nice package that allows you to compile either the entire thesis or just a single chapter without doing anything extra, just by compiling the appropriate file. An example chapter is provided in intro.tex.

Bibliography support is provided by bibtex. Change the bibliography.bib filename in the main file to match your bibliography file. Uses the JHEP style by default.


Running the standard build chain including bibtex in any of the standard latex writing programs should work. However a better option is just to use latexmk.

# Makes the PDF
latexmk -pdf <filename>
# Cleans up all the extra files LaTeX produces
latexmk -pdf -c <filename>

Class options

By default, the thesis template will pass the options a4paper and 12pt to the underlying report class.

Modified report options

All other options from the report document class can be passed to the thesis class and will be passed through to the underlying report class.


By default enables a footer with the date. This option is passed to the underlying report class so will also highlight any overfull hboxes.


Typeset the document to use both sides of paper. The margins are asymmetric, so when twoside is enabled the inner and outer margins will alternate between left and right.

Additional options


Show the page boundaries, heading baselines and footer baselines.


Show all the labels used in captions, equations, references, citations etc.


This is the equivalent of setting all three of draft, showkeys and showframe.


Enable or disable the debug footer line showing git information (if provided), word counts and date. This enabled by default by the draft option.


Use single spacing throughout the document. By default double spacing is used.


Specify whether the running head should appear on pages which only contain floats. This is entirely a matter of preference and style, so choose what you like the look of.


Only affects twoside documents. Force each section in the front matter to open on the right.


Specify whether the running head should display "Chapter X. Name of chapter" (with chaprunninghead) or just "Name of chapter" (with nochaprunninghead).


Specify whether section titles should be justified (noraggedtitles) or be allowed to be ragged (raggedtitles).


All environments will by default be added to the table of contents, use a starred version (e.g. \begin{abstract*}...\end{abstract*}) to prevent this.

None of these are required by the template and can be ommitted. Some, like the abstract and declaration, are required for your thesis. The order these are specified in the thesis document will determine the order in which they are typeset.


Provide a dedication to someone special.


Provide an inspiring quote. The environment includes a \source{book}{author} command which typesets the source of the quote at that point. Either argument can be left blank, depending on how you want it to look.


Typesets a half-title page with the abstract below it. The thesis guidelines suggest that an abstract should be contained on a single side and be less than 300 words.


Your thesis needs a declaration that the work contained within it is all your own, and that you haven't used the work to get any other qualification before.

You should also state which bits if any is based on joint work.

This environment will automatically end in the statement of copyright, as given in the guidelines.


Provide any acknowledgements you wish to.


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