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TODO = Not yet done
===========================================Not yet Released Updates===========================================
===============================================Released Updates===============================================
*Added the following config options: Spawn Parachest, teleport on every join (including option for dimension id), and teleport on death (including option for dimension id)
*Added Categories for the config file
*Comment out currently not added config option of Teleport player on first join
*Clean up/Fix Formatting
*Added missing registry of ServerHandler class
*Made all resources lowercase
*Added Always Day Time & Always Night Time config options
*Removed GC API packages
*Update forge to
*Updated to latest version of Galacticraft API
*Added more to the config to allow the Planet to be customized
*Fix a few issues
*Added a Platform for when you spawn on the planet
*Added Teleporter block to the Block Hole
*Added a config
*First Release
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