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MJRLegends opened this issue Sep 8, 2017 · 0 comments


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commented Sep 8, 2017

Known Issues:

  1. HQM Crashing world - If your world wont load and gets stuck when loading the dimensions, after updating. OR Getting this crash "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: at"( or this crash "java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop
    at hardcorequesting.QuestingData.("
    This is a HQM Mod bug not a mod pack bug!

Solution 1: Delete this folder "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ftblauncher\SpaceAstronomy\minecraft\Saves\YOURSAVE\HardcoreQuesting" replace "USERNAME" with your computer username and then replace "YOURSAVE" with your world folder name. (You will lose all your quest progress!!!) But you can use "/hqm edit" command to complete the quests you did before!!!
Solution 2: Start a new world.

  1. Error when loading mod pack on curse - "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/typesafe/config/ConfigMergeable" crash. This crash is a problem with the curse lanucher, and is to do with the installing of forge and i am in the process of fixing this with the FTB Team. This is not a pack related bug!!!

Solution 1: Use these settings in curse
Solution 2: Use the FTB Launcher.
Solution 3: Disable/delete the Open Computers mod
Solution 4: Try this -

  1. Wither skulls dupe - #119 - (This is a mod bug) Reported in v1.3.0!

  2. Soul aspect drops from cows - #255 - (This is a mod bug) Reported in v1.4.1!

  3. Crash when using KCauldron/Thermos to run a server - #275 - (This is a kcauldron bug so people wont really get this is there not running a proper server and just using forge)

Solution 1: Try changing the option "load chunk on request" to false in cauldron.yml

  1. Immersive engineering TileEntityImmersiveConnectable Crash - #341 - (This is a mod bug)

Solution 1: Remove ImmersiveEngineering and then load the world and then add it back (will remove everything in your world related to the mod)
Solution 2: Edit the blocks out (coords can be found in the crash log above the mod list) using MCEdit

  1. Advanced Genetics TileEntityDNACombiner Crash - - (This is a mod bug)

Solution 1: Remove Advanced Genetics and then load the world and then add it back (will remove everything in your world related to the mod)
Solution 2: Edit the blocks out (coords can be found in the crash log above the mod list) using MCEdit

  1. Crash when putting in quest book into autonomous activator - #398 - (This is a mod bug)

  2. Dupe with Project Red Transportation - #431 - (This is a mod bug)

  3. Haste on Traveller's Gloves not working - #453

  4. Dark Steel Armor Glitch - #518

  5. Extra Utilities Soul fragment crafting bug/glitch (When 30% is removed not 10%)- #566 - (This is a mod bug)

Solution 1: Spawn the creative soul fragment from nei and right click which will give you +10% per item (Keep repeating when needed)
Solution 2: Edit player data file (Tutorial

  1. Minecraft crashes after moving opencomputer with matter transpoter - #680

  2. Ender Pearl Powder from Ender IO doesn't show up in NEI - #697

  3. Crash when using a Flux-Infused OmniWench on a Energy-O-Mat - #765

  4. Duplicating compressed redstone / carbon - #493 & #656 - Fixed If and When the developer releases the build containing the fix

  5. Bounding Box issue with MFR Conveyor belt - #903

Solution 1: Conveyor belt added by Immersive Engineering and Extra Utils shouldn't have the same issue

  1. Cant get out / close slimeling interaction GUI - #677

  2. Elec332.core.server.ServerHelper.fromFile Crash - #979

Solution 1: Delete this folder "world/elec332/"

  1. DNA analyzer Visual bug - #943

  2. Right clicking tool on Big reactor Reactor Controller/TE tesseracts crash Crash - #630 & #208

  3. Air and some modded blocks prevent IE Excavator from working - #835

  4. IC2 scanner incompatibility with advanced solar panels mod - #829

  5. HQM Multiple rewards not working in party - #701

Solution 1: Disable HQM Hardcore mod seems to fix it

  1. OpenComputers Tapes not Working - #254

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