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Data Science is still an unclear concept for most entrepreneurs. Its application in daily practice is often still a long way off, and the JADS MKB Datalab is changing that.

To reduce the gap between the latest data science techniques and the application of these techniques in start-ups, SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) and larger organizations, JADS Data Science Master students execute briefly defined projects and develop tools within the JADS MKB Datalab.

The MKB Datalab Knowledge Repository reinforces this mission, sharing projects/tutorials that illustrate how data science techniques are applied and how they can benefit businesses.

Within this repository you will find examples of tools and techniques often used at the MKB Datalab while helping many SMEs in The Netherlands becoming more data driven.

💻 CODE : Projects presented here are made in form of a tutorial so you can apply the same techniques easily to similar cases. The codes presented in this repository are property of MKB Datalab who authorize their use (See LICENSE).

ℹ️ DATASETS : In order to show the use of the code and allow reproducibility without compromising aspects such as copyright and privacy we have searched for public datasets that would fit the use case considered.

Like this, we hope to provide a valuable source for students, enterprises, and anyone interested in data science and entrepreneurship.

📁 Knowledge Repository Projects
Project Tags
Basics on Web scraping
Basics on Retrieving Data with APIs
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting with SARIMAX and Facebook Prophet models: An Intro
Marketing Analytics : Market Basket Analysis

📰 Blogs posts

⁉️ Knowledge Repository Workshops
Workshop Tags
Masterclass: Basics on Web scraping
Masterclass: Introduction to Power BI
Masterclass: Introduction to Time Series Forecasting




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