Arduino data logger for high altitude balloon missions
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Full open-source data logger for high altitude balloon

I have always dreamed of sending something to space. Until recently, this was just simply not an option for the average hobbyist. When I became involved in developing on the Arduino platform I realized that all of the instrumentation, tracking and control were now relatively easy to produce with very little cost. This year a friend prompted me to revisit this dream (over a drink of course) and I took it up with a renewed interest. We basically decided that we would send a balloon into “near space” in time to meet the Stanford high Altitude Balloon Challenge ” in April 2014. Quickly I began work on the electronics, enclosure, data logging, temperature control and other various systems. My fellow friends/team members are charged with the rigging, recovery, flight predictions and several other project needs. Between all of us- we should have a workable DIY Space Mission in time for the April Launch. All aspects of the build are being documented and shared via YouTube.

All 20 YouTube build videos: