Some demo code for my presentation at Drupal Camp Baltimore 2014
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youtube tutorial

This talk was given at Drupal Camp Baltimore 2014. In it, I discuss REST and (briefly) SOAP APIs built with the Drupal content management system. I give a number of hands on examples using Views Datasource, RESTful Web Services (RestWS), and the Services module.

#Table of contents

  • Intro 0:01
  • Why Build Web Services? 4:07
  • Views Datasource 9:01
  • Views Datasource Example 10:45
  • Restful Webservices Module (RestWS) 15:35
  • Restful Webservices Module (RestWS) Example 18:12
  • Services Module 30:22
  • Service Module Example 32:00


#Code samples

#Further reading