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ManiaLive Extending Plugin Pack for ShootMania
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#ManiaLive Extending Plugin Pack for ShootMania

This plugin pack is for ManiaLive, the server controller made by NADEO for ManiaPlanet.

Tested with ManiaLive r2.5.0

Currently MLEPP for ShootMania is under development. You can always download the latest commit here (click "Download as zip" or "Download as tar.gz")!

Current release: v0.5.0 (bèta), 22-12-2012 (including statistics (kills/deaths) and ranks) Aswell as Elite statisctics towards IRC

Jetbrains PhpStorm


  • PHP 5.3 (for ManiaLive)
  • MySQL 4/5 (to store everything in the database) (optional)


  1. Download the latest release from the Downloads section

  2. Unpack the .zip-file into your ManiaLive directory

  3. Move the files in the scripts/ directory into the UserData/Scripts/Modes/ShootMania directory of your server

  4. Update the configfile to include the MLEPP plugins

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