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Machine Learning Summer School, Materials Discovery from Natural Language, BarCamp EVN, NSF-FAST, AUA Data Science, Wolfram


See also: Machine Learning Reading Group Yerevan and


April 9-11: DataFest Yerevan





YSU-ISTC Joint Summer School on Machine Learning 2018




YSU-ISTC Joint Summer School on Machine Learning 2018

The 5th summer school on mathematics and applications was held in August with lecturers Shai Ben-David from the University of Waterloo, Robert M. Gower from Telecom-Paristech, Julien Mairal from Inria Grenoble, Dmitry Vetrov from the Higher School of Economics, Arnak Dalalyan from ENSAE / CREST, Adam Bittlingmayer, founder of Signal N, and Erik Arakelyan, a machine learning engineer at Teamable.

Materials Discovery from Natural Language - Vahe Tshitoyan

SmartTalk at ISTC on 18 July
Vahe Tshitoyan is currently Postdoc at Berkeley Lab working on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning problems in materials science.

Can your laptop discover materials for different applications simply by reading a scientific text, with no structured scientific input? Can it do this with minimal or no supervision? If these questions spark your curiosity, come along to the talk. In addition to giving answers to these questions, Vahe will demo several tools created to assist academia and industry with materials search and discovery.

ML @ BarCamp EVN'18

  • DIY deep learning - Evan Shelhamer, CAFFE
  • ML: Industry vs Science - Panel Discussion
  • How to train your ML models with Cloud - Leonid Kuligin, Google Cloud
  • Pixels in, pixels out: deep learning for image-to-image tasks - Evan Shelhamer, CAFFE
  • Machine Learning in Finance - David Kocharian, PicsArt
  • Challenges of Big Data Analytics - Erik Hambardzumyan, Albert Sargsyan, PicsArt


NSF-FAST Workshop

Machine Learning for Discovery Sciences
US National Science Foundation
FAST Foundation

AUA Data Science Workshop

DSW 2017
American University of Armenia

Wolfram Technology Conference

Armenian Wolfram Technology Conference
Wolfram Armenia