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This is a hackathon boilerplate created by Major League Hacking. Using Jekyll, it has a extensible configuration that covers basic event information. You can then fork the website and have it hosted free through GitHub Pages. It's free to use.


  • Built in support for MyMLH
  • Community-owned and maintained
  • Free hosting through GitHub Pages
  • Discoverable through Google Search, Twitter and Facebook

Getting Started

  1. Create a GitHub account if you haven't already.
  2. Fork this repository to your own account. Click here to fork this repo.
  3. Edit _config.yml to configure for your own hackathon website.
  4. That's it - you should be able to access at https://[github username]

Setting up a custom domain

Want to configure for your own custom domain? Great! Through our excellent partners, Major League Hacking is offering free domains to student hackathon organizers. Reach out to to obtain your free coupon code.

  1. Register your domain.
  2. Update the domain www to CNAME [github username]
  3. Update the domain @ to A and A
  4. Update the CNAME in your GitHub fork of mlh-hackathon-boilerplate to your new domain (i.e.

Reference: GitHub - Setting up an apex domain

Setting up SSL

We'd highly recommend looking into Cloudflare for SSL with your domain. It's compatible with GitHub Pages and this project.


Our boilerplate is written entirely in Jekyll, which GitHub automatically compiles. This dramatically reduces the technical barrier needed to setup a hackathon website. We'd love to receive your contributions towards making this even better. A couple of things to note:

  • We can't accept custom plugins because it's not supported by GitHub Pages.
  • If adding any external images or components, please ensure you have the correct permission to use them.
  • We advise creating a GitHub issue first explaining the issue.


Boilerplate code for any new MLH Member Hackathon.




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