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from collections import defaultdict, Counter
from glob import glob
import sys
import re
glob_files = sys.argv[1]
loc_outfile = sys.argv[2]
weights_strategy = "uniform"
if len(sys.argv) == 4:
weights_strategy = sys.argv[3]
def kaggle_bag(glob_files, loc_outfile, method="average", weights="uniform"):
pattern = re.compile(r"(.)*_[w|W](\d*)_[.]*")
if method == "average":
scores = defaultdict(list)
with open(loc_outfile,"wb") as outfile:
#weight_list may be usefull using a different method
weight_list = [1]*len(glob(glob_files))
for i, glob_file in enumerate( glob(glob_files) ):
print "parsing:", glob_file
if weights == "weighted":
weight = pattern.match(glob_file)
if weight and
print "Using weight: ",int(
weight_list[i] = weight_list[i]*int(
print "Using weight: 1"
# sort glob_file by first column, ignoring the first line
lines = open(glob_file).readlines()
lines = [lines[0]] + sorted(lines[1:])
for e, line in enumerate( lines ):
if i == 0 and e == 0:
if e > 0:
row = line.strip().split(",")
for l in range(1,weight_list[i]+1):
for j,k in sorted(scores):
print("wrote to %s"%loc_outfile)
kaggle_bag(glob_files, loc_outfile, weights=weights_strategy)