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Martin Laritz
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Vanilla Notify

Notification Library built using Vanilla Javascript. No jQuery or other dependencies.

This library was built with customization in mind. While there are global options, each notification can override the global options.



The JS and CSS files are required:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/vanilla-notify.css" />

<script src="dist/vanilla-notify.js"></script>


//Info Notification{text: 'text', title:'title'});

//Success Notification
vNotify.success({text: 'text', title:'title'});

//Warning Notification
vNotify.warning({text: 'text', title:'title'});

//Error Notification
vNotify.error({text: 'text', title:'title'});

//Notify Notification
vNotify.notify({text: 'text', title:'title'});

Global Options

vNotify.options = {
  fadeInDuration: 2000,
  fadeOutDuration: 2000,
  fadeInterval: 50,
  visibleDuration: 5000,
  postHoverVisibleDuration: 500,
  position: positionOption.topRight,
  sticky: false,
  showClose: true 

Notification Options

Each individual notification can override the global options.

If you want to make an error notification sticky with the close icon:

vNotify.error({text: 'text', title:'title', sticky: true, showClose: true});

Dist Folder

The dist folder contains:

  • JS File (vanilla-notify.js) to use for debugging purposes
  • Minified JS File (vanilla-notify.min.js) to use for your site
  • CSS file to link to directly in your HTML
  • SCSS Partial file for you to use with your other SASS stylesheets
  • LESS file for you to use with your other LESS stylesheets