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module View {
function page_template(content) {
<div class="navbar navbar-inverse navbar-fixed-top">
<div class=navbar-inner>
<div class=container>
<div id=#logo />
<div id=#main>
function user_update(message msg) {
line = <div class="row-fluid line">
<div class="span1 userpic" />
<div class="span2 user">{}:</>
<div class="span9 message">{msg.text}</>
#conversation =+ line;
function broadcast(author) {
text = Dom.get_value(#entry);
Model.broadcast(~{author, text});
function chat_html(author) {
<div id=#conversation class=container-fluid
onready={function(_) { Model.register_message_callback(user_update)}} />
<div id=#footer class="navbar navbar-fixed-bottom">
<div class=container>
<div class=input-append>
<input id=#entry class=input-xxlarge type=text
onnewline={function(_) { broadcast(author) }}>
<button class="btn btn-primary" type=button
onclick={function(_) { broadcast(author) }}>Post</>
function default_page() {
author = Model.new_author();"Opa chat", page_template(chat_html(author)));
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