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+1* Developing
+You need a basic version of eclipse 3.7 (Indigo).
+The plugin relies only on eclipse feature and doesn't use external source.
+Given so the classic "run" command in eclipse in enough to launch the plugin.
+2* Serious refactoring todo
+- The "opaide.editors.builder.OpaProgramLaunchDelegate" is a copy and paste of
+ the eclipse class
+ 'org.eclipse.core.externaltools.internal.launchConfigurations.ProgramLaunchDelegate'
+ The reason is: we need to have an access to the launched process and his
+ console output to parse the opa compiler message.
+ Recoding from scratch this class can be a solution.
+ OR the extension point:
+ org.eclipse.ui.console.consolePatternMatchListeners
+ org.eclipse.ui.console.consoleLineTrackers
+ can be used to resolve this problem.
+- the plugin is 'stealing' some eclipse class for GUI (like
+ 'opaide.editors.builder.OpaProgramBuilderTabGroup', ...). Recoding this views
+ is possible but take time.
+- a lot of code could be remove if the simplify marker system is good enough
+ in "OpaMessageBank"
+3* Annoying unresolved bug
+The "OpaProjectNature" class in used when a new Opa project is created. With
+this, the "configure" method must be called automatically by eclipse when we
+setup the project in
+(~ project.setDescription(description, null); ).
+My guess is that as we reuse the "BasicNewProjectResourceWizard" and it mess
+thing a little. A fix could be to re-implement this class from scratch.

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