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Copyright © 2011 MLstate
This file is part of OPA.
OPA is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
OPA is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with OPA. If not, see <>.
(* CF mli *)
module List = BaseList
module Arg =
module A = Base.Arg
(* overriding db options *)
let commandline_override =
ref (StringListMap.empty : QmlAst.Db.options list StringListMap.t)
let parse_opts s =
let (engine, arg) = BaseString.split_char '(' s in
let arg = if arg = "" then arg else BaseString.remove_prefix "\"" arg in
let arg = if arg = "" then arg else BaseString.remove_suffix "\")" arg in
let arg_opt = if arg = "" then None else Some arg in
match engine with
| "local" -> [`engine (`db3 arg_opt)]
| "meta" -> [`engine `meta]
| "shared" ->
let (hostname, port) = BaseString.split_char ':' arg in
let hostname = if hostname = "" then None else Some hostname in
let port = if port = "" then None else Some (int_of_string port) in
[`engine (`client (hostname, port))]
| _ -> failwith "bad engine"
| Not_found
| Failure _ -> failwith "The syntax of database options should be as in source code, e.g., --database 'db1:\"@local(./file)\"'."
(* display enforce output *)
let export_schema = (Hashtbl.create 1 : (string option,string) Hashtbl.t) (* db_name -> file *)
let output_schema = ref false
let options = [
A.String (fun s ->
let (name, opt_string) = BaseString.split_char '@' s in
let point =
if name = "" then []
else [BaseString.remove_suffix ":" name]
let opts = parse_opts opt_string in
commandline_override :=
StringListMap.add point opts !commandline_override;
| Not_found -> failwith "Separate the name of the database and the options with a colon, e.g., --database 'db1:\"@shared(:4849)\"'."
" Override options of a database";
A.String (fun s ->
let db,file = if String.contains s ':' then Base.String.split_char ':' s else "",s in
Hashtbl.add export_schema (if db = "" then None else Some db) file),
" Exports the database schema to the given file (format depends on the extension: use gml for manipulating it with opa-db-tool, or dot (the default) for display). Use [database_name]:file_name if you have multiple databases.";
A.Set output_schema,
" Dump the db-schema using the track system" ;
The name of the file where to output the schema.
<!> keep synchro with opatrack
let schema_filename = "schema"
(* displaying the schema if asked, and fork for seeing it with display if asked *)
let auto_disp_schema schema =
if !Arg.output_schema then
let pp fmt schema =
QmlDbGen.Schema.to_dot schema fmt
let filename = schema_filename in
ignore (PassTracker.file ~filename pp schema)
| e ->
OManager.warning ~wclass:WarningClass.dbgen_schema
"@[<2> An error occured while trying to display the output the db schema@\n%s@]"
(Printexc.to_string e)
if ObjectFiles.compilation_mode() = `init then (* Only export the full schema, ie after `init *)
(fun db filename ->
let ch = open_out filename in
if Base.String.is_suffix ".gml" filename
then QmlDbGen.Schema.db_to_gml schema db ch
else QmlDbGen.Schema.db_to_dot schema db ch;
close_out ch
| Not_found ->
OManager.warning ~wclass:WarningClass.dbgen_schema
"@[<2> Could not dump the database schema: database \"%s\" not found@]"
(Option.default "<default>" db)
| Sys_error msg ->
OManager.warning ~wclass:WarningClass.dbgen_schema
"@[<2> Could not open file for outputting the database schema%s@\n%s@]"
(match db with Some db -> " of database "^db | None -> "")
(* separation *)
module S =
type t = QmlDbGen.Schema.t
let pass = "pass_DbSchemaGeneration"
let pp f _ = Format.pp_print_string f "<dummy>"
module R = ObjectFiles.Make(S)
let process_code gamma _annotmap schema code =
assert(schema == QmlDbGen.Schema.initial);
(* getting the schema of other packages *)
let merge package schema1 schema2 =
(* UNNEEDED: because the types aren't supposed to contain type variables
let schema2 = QmlDbGen.Schema.map_types (QmlRefresh.refresh_typevars_from_ty package) schema2 in *)
let schema2 = QmlDbGen.Schema.map_expr (QmlRefresh.refresh_expr_no_annotmap package) schema2 in
(* let oc1 = open_out ("schema1"^(fst package)) in *)
(* let _ = QmlDbGen.Schema.to_dot schema1 oc1 in *)
(* let oc2 = open_out ("schema2"^(fst package)) in *)
(* let _ = QmlDbGen.Schema.to_dot schema2 oc2 in *)
let merged_schema = QmlDbGen.Schema.merge schema1 schema2 in
(* let oc3 = open_out ("schema3"^(fst package)) in *)
(* let _ = QmlDbGen.Schema.to_dot merged_schema oc3 in *)
(* let _ = close_out oc1; close_out oc2; close_out oc3 in *)
let schema =
if ObjectFiles.compilation_mode() = `init
let sch = R.fold_with_name ~packages:true ~deep:true merge schema in
else R.fold_with_name merge schema
(* registering Database definitions
The construction of the schema needs to get
Database nodes before NewDbValue.
let (schema, gamma) =
(fun ((schema, gamma) as acc) code_elt ->
match code_elt with
| QmlAst.Database (label, ident, p, opts) ->
schema gamma (label, ident, p, opts)
| _ -> acc
) (schema, gamma) code in
(* registering NewDbValue definitions *)
let schema, code =
List.fold_left_collect (
fun schema code_elt ->
match code_elt with
| QmlAst.NewDbValue (label, value) ->
let schema, o =
QmlDbGen.Schema.register_new_db_value ~name_default_values:true
schema gamma (label, value) in
let code =
match o with
| Some (binding, value) ->
let code_elt = QmlAst.NewVal (Annot.refresh label, [binding]) in
[code_elt; QmlAst.NewDbValue (label, value)]
| None -> [code_elt] in
schema, code
| _ -> schema, [code_elt]
) schema code in
(* modify by commandline options: *)
let schema =
let override point (ident, db_options) =
if StringListMap.mem point !Arg.commandline_override then begin
let opts = StringListMap.find point !Arg.commandline_override in
Arg.commandline_override :=
StringListMap.remove point !Arg.commandline_override;
(ident, opts)
end else begin
(ident, db_options)
let schema = QmlDbGen.Schema.mapi override schema in
if StringListMap.is_empty !Arg.commandline_override then schema
else begin
let (key, _) = StringListMap.min !Arg.commandline_override in
match key with
| [] -> failwith "No anonymous database declared in the source code."
| l ->
let n = String.concat "/" l in
let msg = Printf.sprintf "No database with name '%s' declared." n in
failwith msg (* TODO: register the error somewhere *)
(* finalizing the schema *)
let schema, partial_schema =
match QmlDbGen.Schema.finalize schema with
| Some schema ->
QmlDbGen.Schema.of_package schema (ObjectFiles.get_current_package_name())
| None -> schema, schema (* empty schemas *)
let _ = partial_schema in
let _ = auto_disp_schema schema in
(gamma, schema, code)
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