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Copyright © 2011 MLstate
This file is part of OPA.
OPA is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
OPA is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with OPA. If not, see <>.
##extern-type Closure.args = QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.t
##extern-type Closure.t = QmlClosureRuntime.t
##module Args
##register create \ `QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.create` : int -> Closure.args
##register length \ `QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.length` : Closure.args -> int
##register set \ `QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.set` : Closure.args, int, 'a -> void
##register get \ `QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.get` : Closure.args, int -> 'a
##register show \ `` : Closure.t -> string
##register create \ `QmlClosureRuntime.create` : 'impl, int, 'ident -> Closure.t
##register create_no_function \ `QmlClosureRuntime.create_no_function` : int, 'ident -> Closure.t
##register [opacapi] define_function \ `QmlClosureRuntime.define_function` : Closure.t, 'impl -> void
##register apply \ `QmlClosureRuntime.args_apply` : Closure.t, Closure.args -> 'a
##register is_empty \ `QmlClosureRuntime.is_empty` : 'closure -> bool
##register get_identifier \ `QmlClosureRuntime.get_identifier` : 'closure -> option('a)
##register set_identifier \ `QmlClosureRuntime.set_identifier` : Closure.t, 'a -> void
##register export \ `QmlClosureRuntime.export` : Closure.t -> 'a
##register import \ `QmlClosureRuntime.import` : 'a, int -> Closure.t
(** Create an "anyarray" closure. These closures consider that the
given native implementation is a function that takes an anyarray
of size n rather than a function that take n arguments.
see also [opavalue.opa (OpaValue.Closure)]
##register create_anyarray \ `QmlClosureRuntime.create_anyarray` : 'impl, int, 'ident -> Closure.t
(** Create an "anyarray" closure with cps code transformation.
i.e. We suppose that the given impl is a native function
typed by [Closure.args -> 'a cont -> unit].
see also [opavalue.opa (OpaValue.Closure)]
##register [cps-bypass] create_anyarray_cps : 'impl, int, 'ident, continuation(Closure.t) -> void
let create_anyarray_cps func arity ident k =
let any_cps oargs =
let args = QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.sub2 oargs 0 arity in
let k = QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.get oargs arity in
((Obj.magic func) : _ (*args*) -> _ (*cont*) -> _) args k
(* arity+1 for continuation added by cps *)
let cl = QmlClosureRuntime.create_anyarray any_cps (arity + 1) ident in
QmlCpsServerLib.return k cl
##register [cps-bypass] apply_cps : Closure.t, Closure.args, continuation('a) -> void
let apply_cps closure args k =
(* Add k only on full application *)
assert (
if (
closure.QmlClosureRuntime.arity - 1 =
(QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.length closure.QmlClosureRuntime.args)
+ (QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.length args)
) then true else (
Printf.printf "BslClosure.apply_cps:\n closure:%s\n args:%s\n k:%s\n"
(DebugPrint.print closure)
(DebugPrint.print args)
(DebugPrint.print k);
let args = QmlClosureRuntime.AnyArray.append args [|Obj.repr k|] in
QmlClosureRuntime.args_apply closure args
(** A function used to print closure-related debug info*)
##register closure_debug_from_opa: string, string -> void
let closure_debug_from_opa __topic __msg =
Logger.debug "[CLOSURE][%s] %s %!" __topic __msg
(** Type of the information. *)
type t = {
mutable local : QmlClosureRuntime.t;
mutable distant : bool;
(** The association table. *)
let funtbl : (string, t) Hashtbl.t = Hashtbl.create 1024
let set str t = Hashtbl.add funtbl str t
##register on_distant : string -> bool
(** [on_distant "toto"] If returns true the "toto" function is
present on the other side. *)
let on_distant str =
Hashtbl.mem funtbl str && (Hashtbl.find funtbl str).distant
let fclosure_name = ServerLib.static_field_of_name "closure_name"
let make_closure_name name =
ServerLib.make_record (ServerLib.add_field ServerLib.empty_record_constructor fclosure_name (ServerLib.wrap_string name))
##register [opacapi] create_and_register : 'impl, int, string, bool -> Closure.t
let create_and_register impl arity name distant =
let ident = make_closure_name name in
let closure = QmlClosureRuntime.create impl arity ident in
set name { local = closure; distant = distant };
##register [opacapi] create_no_function_and_register : int, string, bool -> Closure.t
let create_no_function_and_register arity name distant =
let ident = make_closure_name name in
let closure = QmlClosureRuntime.create_no_function arity ident in
set name { local = closure; distant = distant };
##register get_local : string -> option(Closure.t)
(** Get the local function, if returns [None] functions is not
present locally. *)
let get_local str =
Some (Hashtbl.find funtbl str).local
with Not_found -> None
##register set_distant_false : string -> void
(** If a client function get cleaned, set its distant property to
false. No need to create a container if the function was not
already known. *)
let set_distant_false str =
(Hashtbl.find funtbl str).distant <- false;
with Not_found ->
let replace_identifier key_ident ident =
let {distant; local=clos} = Hashtbl.find funtbl key_ident in
assert (clos.QmlClosureRuntime.identifier <> None);
clos.QmlClosureRuntime.identifier <- Some (Obj.repr (make_closure_name ident));
Hashtbl.remove funtbl key_ident;
Hashtbl.add funtbl ident {distant; local=clos};
Printf.printf "Closure update: %s to %s\n%!" key_ident ident;
with Not_found ->
Printf.printf "Closure NO update: %s to %s\n%!" key_ident ident;
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