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Compiler directives
- preprocessor
- directives
Compiler warnings and errors
Hello, XML
The XML family of languages is an important technology for the web, at all
levels. It structures both web pages, SOAP or WSDL service-oriented application
technologies, but also numerous databases accessible online, e-Book
technologies, social web services, etc. In this chapter, we will rework our
REST-based wiki to make it understand and produce SOAP requests. Along the way,
we will introduce Opa's advanced tools for extracting data from XML or building
XML documents.
Developing for distribution
- The slicer
- Sessions and networks
- Concurrency, @spawn, @callcc
- Distributed database
- HLnet, RPC
Developing for modularity and reusability
- Using and designing functions, incl. higher-order functions
- Using and designing types
- Modules
- The type system
Developing for security
A tour of the standard library
Developing user interfaces
- Widgets?
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