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Copyright © 2011 MLstate
This file is part of OPA.
OPA is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
OPA is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with OPA. If not, see <>.
* MongoDB binding for OPA.
* @destination public
* @stabilization work in progress
* {1 About this module}
* [MongoView] provides a way of handling field selects in queries while
* retaining some run-time type-safety.
* We do this by allowing the return type to be different
* from, but a sub-type of (in the sense of field exclusion), the parent collection's type.
* We can't enforce type-safety at compile time but we do insert runtime type-checks into the
* view, both at creation time and at query time. If you are 100% sure that your
* types are correct, you can eliminate the run-time type-check by simply using
* the MongoCollection module "unsafe" operations.
* The fields are selected by building a [fields] value using the [MongoCollection.Fields] module.
* The result has to be cast to the return type which is derived from the collection
* type with the required fields included/excluded.
* There are two modes of operation depending upon the [is_opa] parameter when the
* view is created:
* If [is_opa] is [false] then the return type has to be the included/excluded sub-type
* but with all fields turned into Bson.register values,
* for example, collection type [\{a:int; b:string\}] and field selector [\{b:1\}] result in
* the result type: [\{b:Bson.register(string)\}]. This is checked at runtime.
* Note that, for this case, we are obliged to turn all the fields into [Bson.register] types because
* MongoDB will return a record with missing fields for documents which match the query
* but which do not have all of the fields selected.
* If [is_opa] is [true] then the return type does not need the [Bson.register] transformation
* but note that any values returned which have missing fields will be ignored.
* Once the view has been created, you simply substitute the [MongoView] query functions for the
* [MongoCollection] functions.
* [MongoForeign] is a simple effort at managing foreign keys in client space.
* {1 Where should I start?}
* {1 What if I need more?}
* This module is work in progress.
type Mongo.view('a,'b) = {
coll: Mongo.collection('a);
vty: OpaType.ty; // type of the view collection
is_opa: bool; // if true, we assume an OPA type and ignore incomplete documents
type Mongo.foreign('a,'b,'c,'d,'e) = {
primary: Mongo.view('a,'b); // the parent view
foreign: Mongo.view('c,'d); // the foreign view
pkey: string;
fkey: string;
MongoView = {{
@private ML = MongoLog
@private make_reg(fld) = {fld with ty={TyName_args=[fld.ty]; TyName_ident="Bson.register"}}
type_from_fields(pty:OpaType.ty, fields:Mongo.fields): OpaType.ty =
if not(MongoCollection.Fields.validate(fields))
then ML.fatal("View.type_from_fields","Fields failed to validate",-1)
tst =
match List.unique_list_of( -> Bson.int_of_value(e.value)),fields)) with
| [{some=num}] -> (match num with 0 -> not | _ -> (tf -> tf))
| _ -> ML.fatal("View.type_from_fields","Bad fields value {fields}",-1)
dfields = -> String.explode(".",,fields)
MongoTypeSelect.filter_field(pty, (fs -> tst(List.mem(fs,dfields))))
verify_type_match(ty1:OpaType.ty, ty2:OpaType.ty, from:string, msg:string): void =
//do println("ty1={OpaType.to_pretty(MongoTypeSelect.name_type(ty1))}")
//do println("ty2={OpaType.to_pretty(MongoTypeSelect.name_type(ty2))}")
// We can't use the fancy caching in compare_ty since our altered types mess with the caching
if not(MongoTypeSelect.naive_type_compare(ty1, ty2))
then ML.fatal(from,"{msg} {OpaType.to_pretty(ty1)} and {OpaType.to_pretty(ty2)}",-1)
else void
create(c:Mongo.collection('collection), vfields:Mongo.fields, is_opa:bool): Mongo.view('collection,'view) =
coll = MongoCollection.fields(c, {some=vfields})
pty = @typeval('collection)
do verify_type_match(pty, coll.ty, "View.create","Attempt to create view from non-matching parent type")
fvty = type_from_fields(pty, vfields)
vty = if is_opa then fvty else MongoTypeSelect.map_field(fvty, make_reg)
cvty = @typeval('view)
//do println("pty={OpaType.to_pretty(pty)}")
//do println("fvty={OpaType.to_pretty(fvty)}")
//do println("vty={OpaType.to_pretty(vty)}")
//do println("cvty={OpaType.to_pretty(cvty)}")
do verify_type_match(vty, cvty, "View.create","Attempt to create view with incompatible view types")
{ ~coll; ~vty; ~is_opa; }
of_collection(c:Mongo.collection('collection), is_opa:bool): Mongo.view('collection,'collection) =
{ coll=c; vty=c.ty; ~is_opa; }
runtime_view_type_check(v:Mongo.view('value,'view), from:string): void =
do verify_type_match(@typeval('value), v.coll.ty, from, "Collection type does not match view type")
do verify_type_match(@typeval('view), v.vty, from, "View type does not match result type")
find_one(v:Mongo.view('value,'view),'value)): outcome('view,Mongo.failure) =
do runtime_view_type_check(v, "View.find_one")
MongoCollection.find_one_unsafe(v.coll, select, v.is_opa)
query(v:Mongo.view('value,'view),'value)): outcome(Mongo.collection_cursor('view),Mongo.failure) =
do runtime_view_type_check(v, "View.query")
MongoCollection.query_unsafe(v.coll, select, v.is_opa)
find_all(v:Mongo.view('value,'view),'value)): outcome(list('view),Mongo.failure) =
do runtime_view_type_check(v, "View.find_all")
MongoCollection.find_all_unsafe(v.coll, select, v.is_opa)
MongoForeign = {{
@private ML = MongoLog
create(primary:Mongo.view('ps,'pr), foreign:Mongo.view('fs,'fr), pkey:string, fkey:string)
: Mongo.foreign('ps,'pr,'fs,'fr,('pr,Bson.register('fr))) =
pty = @typeval('ps)
pkt = MongoTypeSelect.find_label_in_row(pty,pkey)
do if not(Option.is_some(pkt))
then ML.fatal("Foreign.create","Can't find primary key {pkey} in type {OpaType.to_pretty(pty)}",-1)
fty = @typeval('fs)
fkt = MongoTypeSelect.find_label_in_row(fty,fkey)
do if not(Option.is_some(fkt))
then ML.fatal("Foreign.create","Can't find foreign key {fkey} in type {OpaType.to_pretty(fty)}",-1)
do if not(MongoTypeSelect.naive_type_compare((Option.get(pkt)).ty,(Option.get(fkt)).ty))
then ML.fatal("Foreign.create","Mismatching primary {OpaType.to_pretty(pty)} and foreign {OpaType.to_pretty(fty)}",-1)
{ ~primary; ~foreign; ~pkey; ~fkey }
find_one(f:Mongo.foreign('ps,'pr,'fs,'fr,'view),'ps)): outcome('view,Mongo.failure) =
match MongoCollection.find_one_doc(f.primary.coll, select) with
| {success=pdoc} ->
(match Bson.bson_to_opa(pdoc, @typeval('pr)) with
| {some=pv} ->
pv = ('pr)
(match Bson.dot_element(pdoc,f.pkey) with
| {some=e} ->
//do println("Foreign.find_one: e={Bson.to_pretty([e])}")
(match MongoCollection.find_one_doc(f.foreign.coll, ([{e with name=f.fkey}]'fr))) with
| {success=fdoc} ->
//do println("Foreign.find_one: fdoc={Bson.to_pretty(fdoc)}")
(match Bson.bson_to_opa(fdoc, @typeval('fr)) with
| {some=fv} -> {success=(pv,{'fr})}
| {none} -> {failure={Error="Foreign.find_one: Bson to OPA conversion error for foreign value"}})
| {failure=_} -> {success=(pv,{absent})})
| {none} -> {failure={Error="Foreign.find_one: Can't find primary key {f.pkey}"}})
| {none} -> {failure={Error="Foreign.find_one: Bson to OPA conversion error for primary value"}})
| {~failure} -> {~failure}
// End of file view.opa
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