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Error messages of parser
The parser returns a tuple consisting of 4 elements.
The first is a polymorphic variant which name corresponds to a start rule of the grammar. The variant has an argument of type (int * Qml.Code.elt) option. If parsing fails, the argument is None and Some (_,_) otherwise.
type 'a elt =
| Database of string
| Newdbvalue of string * Qmlkernel.Kernel.typeexpr
| Newtype of string * unit Qmlkernel.TypeDefinition.t
| Newval of string * Qml.expression
The second element have type int, it corresponds to maximal character where parsing succeeded.
==> ``parse error near character ??''
The third element is a StringSet which contains the names of rules (or the error message associated with the rule in the grammar) on which the parsing failed at the maximal character.
And finally the last element has type ((string * bool) Stack * int) list. Each pair contains a stack that place all the rules covered up the failure of the parser at character in position p (second element of the couple). This position is supposed to be the same as the maximal position of parsing. Indeed, only the stacks which lead to a failure in character maximum were returned.
In the stack, the boolean associated with the string indicates whether the stored string is the name of the rule or the associated error message.