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# -*- conf -*- (this is for emacs)
# All libs that either can be built from a .mllib ("internal"), or should be
# available installed (normally from $MLSTATELIBS) ("external")
# syntax:
# <internal|external> lib_name [directory]
# lib_name is the basename of the .mllib/.cmxa file, the directory
# contains the shared interfaces.
# if omitted, [directory] is the same as lib_name.
internal pplib
internal buildinfos
internal libbase
internal compilerlib
internal passlib
internal libtrx
internal ocamllang
internal database
internal libqmlcompil
internal qmlpasses
internal jslang
internal libbsl
internal qmlslicer
internal opatoplib
internal qml2ocaml
internal qml2js
internal qmlcpsrewriter qmlcps
internal qmlflatserver qmlflat
internal qmlflatcompiler qmlflat
internal qmlcpsserver qmlcps
internal qmljsimp
internal opalib
internal opabsl_for_compiler opabsl
internal opabsl_for_server opabsl
internal opabsl_for_interpreter opabsl
internal libruntime
internal oparuntime
# internal libopa opa
internal opalang
internal opacapi
internal opapasses passes
internal appruntime
internal libsecurity
internal libnet
internal libnattraversal libnet/nattraversal
internal libirc
internal libtools
internal protocols
internal libsession