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# -*- conf -*- (for emacs)
# AIE AIE AIE : qmltop is so greedy in libs than we are lazy to clean this up
<**/*.{ml,mli,byte,native}>: thread, use_ssl, use_graph, use_zip, use_str, use_unix, use_bigarray, use_buildinfos, use_libbase, use_libqmlcompil, use_libbsl, use_qmlslicer, use_libruntime, use_appruntime, use_oparuntime, use_libnet, use_libsecurity, use_libtools, use_database, use_ulex, use_libtrx, use_qmlcpsserver, use_cryptokit, use_nums, use_passlib, use_dynlink, use_opalang, use_compilerlib, use_ocamllang, use_jslang, use_opacapi, use_qmlpasses, use_libsession
<>: warn_e, warn_z
<>: with_mlstate_debug
# ppdebug
<> : with_mlstate_debug
<> : with_mlstate_debug
<> : with_mlstate_debug
# Warnings
# The warning X which comes in opaTopEval
# are there because of non typed function application (Obj.magic)
# this is not due to a dirty code, and there is no way to
# tell ocamlopt to disable these locally for the function only.
<> : warn_x
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