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# -*- conf -*- (for emacs)
true: warn_Z
# subdirs
<classic_syntax>: traverse
<js_syntax>: traverse
# warnings
<{*,classic_syntax/parser_utils}.{ml,mli}>: warn_Z
<opaParser.{ml,mli}>: use_buildinfos, use_libtrx, with_mlstate_debug
<{opaError,opaParser,surfaceAstCons}.ml>: use_buildinfos
<>: use_buildinfos, use_compilerlib, use_pplib
<**/*.{ml,mli}>: use_libbase, use_compilerlib, use_libqmlcompil, use_passlib
<{opa2opa,standaloneparser}.{native,byte}>: use_unix, use_libbase, use_mutex, use_graph, use_str, use_zlib, thread, use_nums, use_libtrx, use_passlib, use_libqmlcompil, use_buildinfos, use_ulex, use_compilerlib, use_pplib, use_opacapi
<>: use_opacapi
<>: use_opacapi
<>: use_opacapi
# ppdebug
<>: with_mlstate_debug
<>: with_mlstate_debug
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