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Copyright © 2011 MLstate
This file is part of OPA.
OPA is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
OPA is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with OPA. If not, see <>.
Checking consistency between opabsl, stdlib et opacapi.
@author Mathieu Barbin
The OPA compiler needs to insert some call to identifiers and external primitives
defined in the stdlib, and in the opabsl. The set of these identifers and primitives
is called : opa-compiler-interface.
We want to be able, by reading the definition of a bypass, or by reading the definition
of a identifier in the stdlib, to know if it is part of this compiler interface.
It is necessary to have a better control on dependency between the stdlib, and the compiler.
(consistency, maintenance, etc.)
For that purpose, we decorate the opa-compiler-interface in the stdlib and opabsl,
and we use opacapi in the compiler.
@opacapi myfunction()=....
##register [opacapi] mybypass : ...
mybypass = "mybypass"
myfunction = "myfunction"
let myfunction = Opacapi.myfunction in
This check will ensure that :
-the set of all identifier defined in opacapi is strictly equal to the set of identifiers
decorated with the directive [@opacapi] in the stdlib,
-the set of all bypass defined in opacapi is strictly equal to the set of bypasses
decorated with the property [opacapi] in the opabsl
If a bypass is not in opacapi, nor present in the stdlib, there will be a notification.
Since it is not yet clear what we want to do with such cases, currently a warning
is printed.
A file is generated indicating for each bsl-key the list of location where it is used.
(* depends *)
module Arg = Base.Arg
module Format = Base.Format
(* shorthand *)
module BPI = BslPluginInterface
module D = SurfaceAstDecons
module Q = QmlAst
module SA = SurfaceAst
(* -- *)
let validation_ok = ref true
(* f *)
let files = MutableList.create ()
(* t *)
let target = ref None
let (|>) = InfixOperator.(|>)
let (!>) = Format.sprintf
let spec = [
(* o *)
Arg.String (fun t -> target := Some t),
" specify a target for the trace file"
let anon_fun file = MutableList.add files file
let usage_msg =
!> "@{<bright>%s@}: Opa Compiler Interface Validator %s\nUsage: %s [options] stdlib-files\n"
Sys.argv.(0) BuildInfos.version_id
let parse () =
let spec = (
(OManager.Arg.version "checkopacapi" :: OManager.Arg.options) @
|> Arg.add_bash_completion
|> Arg.sort
|> Arg.align
Arg.parse spec anon_fun (usage_msg^"Options:")
Folding input file, and applying a fold on the parsed code
pplib specification
let pplib_spec = [
"OPA_CPS", "" ;
"OPA_BADOP", "1" ;
let pprocess =
let ppenv = Pprocess.fill_with_sysenv Pprocess.empty_env in
let ppenv = List.fold_left (fun ppenv (var, value) -> Pprocess.add_env var value ppenv) ppenv pplib_spec in
let ppopt = Pprocess.default_options ppenv in
(fun s -> Pprocess.process Pplang.opa_description ppopt s)
let fold
( fold : (SurfaceAst.nonuid, SurfaceAst.parsing_directive) SurfaceAst.code -> 'acc -> 'acc )
filename acc =
(* print_endline filename; *)
match File.content_opt filename with
| None ->
OManager.error "[!] I/O error: cannot read file @{<bright>%S@}" filename
| Some content ->
let content = pprocess content in
let code = OpaParser.code ~cache:true ~filename content in
fold code acc
Specialized fold, for gathering opacapi directives
let is_opacapi e =
D.Remove.Basic.access_directive ;
D.Remove.Basic.expand ;
D.Remove.Basic.coerce ;
D.Remove.Basic.deprecated ;
D.Remove.Basic.magic_directive ;
D.Remove.Basic.slicer_directive ;
let stdlib acc code =
let fold_elt acc (elt, _) =
match elt with
| SA.NewVal (binds, _) ->
let fold acc ((p, _), e) =
match p with
| SA.PatVar ident | SA.PatAs (_, ident) ->
if is_opacapi e
then StringSet.add ident.SA.ident acc
else acc
| _ -> acc
List.fold_left fold acc binds
| SA.NewType typedefs ->
let fold acc (typedef, _) =
if typedef.SA.ty_def_options.Q.opacapi
let (SA.Typeident ident) = typedef.SA.ty_def_name in
StringSet.add ident acc
List.fold_left fold acc typedefs
| _ -> acc
List.fold_left fold_elt acc code
Check strict equality between 2 StringSet, with errors reporting.
let report elt name present absent =
validation_ok := false ;
OManager.printf (
"[!] The %s @{<bright>%s@} is present in @{<bright>%s@} but not in @{<bright>%s@}@."
elt name present absent
let strict_equality elt name1 name2 set1 set2 =
let iter name1 name2 set1 set2 =
let error name = report elt name name1 name2 in
StringSet.iter (fun s -> if not (StringSet.mem s set2) then error s) set1
iter name1 name2 set1 set2;
iter name2 name1 set2 set1
module LocMap = ListMap.Make(BslKey)
let core_types =
let _ =
(* Part 1: bsl VS opacapi *)
OpabslgenPlugin.Self.self_store ();
parse ();
let plugins = BslPluginTable.finalize () in
let module B = BslLib.BSL in
List.iter (fun loader -> B.RegisterInterface.dynload loader.BPI.dynloader) plugins;
let bymap = B.RegisterTable.build_bypass_map () in
let opabsl =
let fold key bypass acc =
let fold acc impl =
let tags = B.Implementation.bsltags impl in
if tags.BslTags.opacapi
then StringSet.add (BslKey.to_string key) acc
else acc
let impls = B.ByPass.all_implementations bypass in
List.fold_left fold acc impls
B.ByPassMap.fold fold bymap StringSet.empty
let opacapi =
(fun key _ acc -> StringSet.add (BslKey.to_string key) acc)
Opacapi.Opabsl.table StringSet.empty in
strict_equality "bypass" "opabsl" "opacapi" opabsl opacapi;
(* Get the code of stdlib *)
let codes = MutableList.fold_right (fold (fun hd tl -> hd::tl)) files [] in
(* Part 2: stdlib VS opacapi *)
let stdlib = List.fold_left stdlib StringSet.empty codes in
let stdlib = List.fold_left (fun acc ident -> StringSet.add ident acc) stdlib core_types in
let stdlib = StringSet.add "``" stdlib in
let opacapi =
(fun ident _ acc -> StringSet.add ident acc)
Opacapi.table StringSet.empty in
strict_equality "ident" "stdlib" "opacapi" stdlib opacapi;
if not !validation_ok then exit 1;
(* Part 3: collect position where bypass are used *)
let opacapi_pos = FilePos.nopos "opacapi" in
let locmap = LocMap.empty in
let locmap =
(fun key _ acc -> LocMap.append key opacapi_pos acc)
Opacapi.Opabsl.table locmap in
let locmap =
let fold acc (e, annot) =
match e with
| SA.Bypass key ->
let pos = QmlLoc.pos annot in
LocMap.append key pos acc
| _ -> acc
let fold = OpaWalk.Code.fold fold in
List.fold_left fold locmap codes
(* Part 4: generate the log *)
let oc, close_out =
match !target with
| Some file -> (
Pervasives.open_out file
| Sys_error s ->
OManager.error "cannot open_out %s : %s" file s
), Pervasives.close_out_noerr
| None ->
Pervasives.stdout, (fun _ -> ())
let fmt = Format.formatter_of_out_channel oc in
let iter key locs =
Format.fprintf fmt "@[<2>%a:@\n%a@]@\n"
BslKey.pp key (Format.pp_list "@\n" FilePos.pp_pos) locs
LocMap.iter iter locmap;
(* Part 5: notify bypass which are not used *)
let both_unused = ref [] in
let client_unused = ref [] in
let server_unused = ref [] in
let all_bypass = ref 0 in
let unused_bypass = ref 0 in
let iter key bypass =
match LocMap.find_opt key locmap with
| Some [] | None ->
(* This means that a bypass is registred, but never used in the stdlib. *)
let table =
if B.ByPass.implemented_in bypass ~lang:BslLanguage.js
if B.ByPass.implemented_in bypass
then both_unused
else client_unused
if B.ByPass.implemented_in bypass
then server_unused
else (
OManager.printf "checkopacapi: %a@\n" BslKey.pp key ;
assert false
table := key :: !table
| _ -> ()
B.ByPassMap.iter iter bymap ;
let notify kind table =
let num = ref 0 in
let list = List.rev_map (fun t -> incr(num); t) !table in
if !num > 0
then (
Format.fprintf fmt (
"Warning: the %d following bypass implemented @@%s are unused:@\n"
) !num kind;
List.iter (fun key -> Format.fprintf fmt "%a@\n" BslKey.pp key) list
let num_both = notify "both" both_unused in
let num_client = notify "client" client_unused in
let num_server = notify "server" server_unused in
let percent =
(float_of_int !unused_bypass) /. (float_of_int !all_bypass) *. 100.
Format.pp_print_flush fmt ();
close_out oc;
if !unused_bypass > 0 then
OManager.printf (
"@{<yellow>Warning@}: opabsl contains %f %% of unused bypass: (%d / %d)@\n"^^
" %d both@\n"^^
" %d client@\n"^^
" %d server@\n"^^
"cf file @{<bright>opacapi.validation@} for details@\n"
exit 0
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