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# -*- conf -*- (this is for emacs)
# All tools that either can be built from the current repo ("internal"), or should be
# available installed (from your $PATH) ("external")
# syntax:
# <internal|external> tool_name build_target [install_dir]
# tool_name is the common name of your tool, as it is installed and referred to.
# the build_target is the name of the exe as understood by ocamlbuild.
# install dir is relative to the installation prefix, default is "bin/"
# from opageneral itself
internal ppdebug pplib/ppml.native
internal ppdebug-opa pplib/ppopa.native
internal ppjs pplib/ppjs.native
# from libqml
internal mlstate_platform libbase/gen_platform
internal trx teerex/trx_ocaml.native
internal trx_interpreter teerex/trx_interpreter.native
internal opa-plugin-builder-bin libbsl/bslregister.native lib/opa/bin
internal opa-plugin-browser-bin libbsl/bslbrowser.native lib/opa/bin
internal bslbrowser libbsl/bslbrowser
internal passdesign passlib/passdesign.native
internal ocamlbase libbase/ocamlbase
internal opa-db-server database/database_server.native
internal opa-db-tool database/database_tool.native
internal opatrack passlib/
internal opadep compilerlib/
internal filepos libbase/testfilepos.native
internal genproto protocols/genproto.native
internal mlidl protocols/mlidl.native
internal wsdl2ml protocols/wsdl2ml.native
internal jsstat jslang/jsstat.native
# from qml2llvm
internal opatop opatop/opatop.native
internal qmljs qmlcompilers/qmljs_exe.native
internal qmlJsImpClientLib.js qmljsimp/qmlJsImpClientLib.js lib/opa/static
internal clientLibLib.js qml2js/clientLibLib.js lib/opa/static
internal qmlCpsClientLib.js qmlcps/qmlCpsClientLib.js lib/opa/static
internal qmlNoCpsClientLib.js qmlcps/qmlNoCpsClientLib.js lib/opa/static
internal odep tools/odep.native
internal odeplink tools/odeplink.native
# from opa
internal opa2opa opalang/opa2opa.native
internal ofile tools/ofile.native
internal opa-translate opa/syntaxHelper.native
# The name of opa raw executable, following unix guidelines (e.g. firefox distrib)
# when there is a wraper used to call a raw exe
internal opa-bin opa/main.native lib/opa/bin
internal opa_bash_completion bash_completion share/opa
# for now, these can't be built cleanly from opageneral
internal opabslgen.bypass opabsl/opabslgen.bypass lib/opa/static
internal serverLib.cmi opabsl/serverLib.cmi lib/opa/static
# for helping developpers of plugins we can distribute the source of the interface
internal libbase/ lib/opa/static
# slicer plugin
# internal testSlicerPlugin.cmxs plugins/testSlicerPlugin.cmxs plugins
# internal testSlicerMLRuntime.cmx plugins/testSlicerMLRuntime.cmx plugins
# internal testSlicerMLRuntime.cmi plugins/testSlicerMLRuntime.cmi plugins
# internal testSlicerMLRuntime.o plugins/testSlicerMLRuntime.o plugins
# internal testSlicerJSPlugin.js plugins/testSlicerJSRuntime.js plugins
# javascript checker
internal jschecker.jar tools/jschecker/compiler.jar share/opa/jschecker
internal jschecker_cpsclientlib.js qmlcps/qmlCpsClientLib-external.js share/opa/jschecker
internal jschecker_clientlib.js qml2js/clientLib-external.js share/opa/jschecker
internal jschecker_clientliblib.js qml2js/clientLibLib-external.js share/opa/jschecker
internal jschecker_externals.js tools/jschecker/externals.js share/opa/jschecker
internal jschecker_jquery.js opabsl/jsbsl/jquery-1.6.externs.js share/opa/jschecker
# for the linking of servers
internal runtimeMain.cmx libnet/runtimeMain.cmx lib/opa/static
internal runtimeMain.cmo libnet/runtimeMain.cmo lib/opa/static
internal runtimeMain.o libnet/runtimeMain.o lib/opa/static
# mimetype database
internal mimetype_database.xml libbase/mimetype_database.xml share/opa
# dissemination
internal opa-cloud dissemination/