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Manpage generation for Opa binaries
The manpage of a binary XX is generated according to the rules of
0) if a file exists, we use it
1) if the manpage of XX is generated by a specific Ocaml program, we
use it (e.g. this is the case for the compiler 'opa')
2) otherwise, we try to use existing files:
- XX.summary
- XX.synopsis
- XX.description
- XX.options
and the output of 'XX --help' to build a default manpage.
The given Makefile will try to output files in $(BLDDIR)/man/man1
where BLDDIR evals to ../_build (unless otherwise specified).
.How to live with the default manpage generation
Everything should work fine provide 'XX --help' outputs somethings
like this:
XX: do something useful ## summary
Usage: XX [options] arguments ## synopsis
This is some description ## beginning of description
on several lines. ## end of description
Options: ## introduce the options
-o <name> some useful option
Existing files .description .summary etc are always higher prioritary
than the chunks of the help message. Missing sections are
omitted. When regexp matching fails, the text ends up as a description
by default.
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