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Naming conventions:
* the language is called Opa, not OPA or opa;
* respectively, other languages are called JavaScript, OCaml, HTML, PHP;
* the BSL is the Binding System Library;
Spelling conventions:
* we are writing in American, so use the "z" of your keyboard;
* full words, please, not "we're" but "we are", no "it's" but "it is", etc.
Chapter conventions:
* tutorials start with "Hello"
Convention for source code:
* source code must fit in 80 columns;
* source must be fully commented, in Opadoc style;
* keywords are between ++
* don't forget semi-colons;
* in lists, they are compulsory.
Git commits:
* commit messages must respect the following format:
* [tag] context: message
* where allowed tags are:
* cleanup, contrib, debug, doc, enhance, feature, fix, layout, revert.
ChangeLog conventions:
YEAR.MONTH.DAY, Version SEMVER (stability), GIT_HASH
* change 1
- description
* change 2
* change 3
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