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Copyright © 2011 MLstate
This file is part of OPA.
OPA is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
OPA is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with OPA. If not, see <>.
(** folder.mli *)
Simple file access library which provides a minimal
set of file and directory access functions but
maintains a list of authorized directories. Only
directories which are prefixed by one of the authorized
dirs are valid.
@author Norman Scaife
exception Folder_error of string
(** Type of the folders. *)
type folder
(** empty dir: Return a new folder with the current dir
set to dir. We also add the initial directory to
the list of valid directories.
val empty : string -> folder
(** current_folder folder: Return the current folder *)
val current_folder : folder -> string
(** valid_folders: return the current list of valid folders. *)
val get_valid_folders : folder -> string list
(** add_valid_folder folder dirname:
Add dirname to the current list of valid folders.
If the folder does not exist then raise Folder "not_found".
val add_valid_folder : folder -> string -> unit
(** remove_valid_folder folder:
Remove the given folder from the valid folder list.
The name of the folder must match exactly, ie. "tmp/"
will not match "tmp".
If the current directory is a subdir of the one being
removed then the current dir is set to the first folder
in the valid folder list.
Note that this might not result in removing access to
the given directory if one of its parents is still in
the list.
WARNING: If the last valid folder is removed then the
current dir is technically in an unsafe state since
there is currently no way of flagging the non-existence
of the current dir.
val remove_valid_folder : folder -> string -> unit
(** valid_folder folder filename
Test whether filename is accessible under folder.
val valid_folder : folder -> string -> bool
(** writable_folder folder filename
Test if file is writable.
val writable_folder : folder -> string -> bool
(** chfolder folder dirname:
Change current directory to dirname.
The dirname must be a subdirectory of one of the valid_folders.
val chfolder : folder -> string -> unit
(** chfolderup folder:
Move up one folder checking that the parent folder is still valid.
val chfolderup : folder -> unit
(** rename_folder:
We just do the rename under folder conventions, assume already valid
val rename_folder : folder -> string -> string -> bool
(** delete_folder: Again, assume already valid *)
val delete_folder : folder -> string -> bool
(** create_directory: Again, assume already valid *)
val create_directory : folder -> string -> bool
(** delete_directory: Again, assume already valid *)
val delete_directory : folder -> string -> bool
(** list folder filename:
Return a directory listing of filename relative to folder
as an array of strings.
The . and .. directories are included.
The list is unsorted, it's in OS order.
We return None if the requested directory is inaccessible.
val list : folder -> string -> string array option
(** ls_files folder filenames
Return a formatted list of "ls"-style file listings for a list of filenames.
val ls_files : folder -> string array -> string array
(** openfileread/write/append folder filename:
Open a file for reading/writing/appending checking for validity, return file descriptor.
val openfileread : folder -> string -> Unix.file_descr option
val openfilewrite : folder -> string -> Unix.file_descr
val openfileappend : folder -> string -> Unix.file_descr
(** lseek fd pos: seek to position pos from start of file *)
val lseek : Unix.file_descr -> int -> int
(** read fd amnt: read [amnt] bytes into a string *)
val read : Unix.file_descr -> int -> string
val write : Unix.file_descr -> string -> int -> int
(** closefile fd: close a file *)
val closefile : Unix.file_descr -> unit
(* End of file: folder.mli *)
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