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Copyright © 2011, 2012 MLstate
This file is part of Opa.
Opa is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
Opa is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with Opa. If not, see <>.
Common library for any Js compiler
@author Mathieu Barbin
@author Maxime Audouin
(* depends *)
module List = Base.List
module Format = BaseFormat
(* alias *)
module J = Qml2jsOptions
module BPI = BslPluginInterface
module JA = JsAst
(** some type are shared with qml2ocaml, some not *)
type env_js_output =
(** path/name without build directory * contents *)
generated_files : (string * string) list ;
let wclass =
let doc = "Javascript compiler warnings" in
WarningClass.create ~name:"jscompiler" ~doc ~err:false ~enable:true ()
type nodejs_module = string
type linked_file =
| ExtraLib of nodejs_module
| Plugin of nodejs_module (* without the .opp extension *)
type loaded_file = linked_file * string
let nodejs_module_of_linked_file = function
| ExtraLib m -> m
| Plugin m -> m ^ ".opp"
let system_path =
try Sys.getenv
with Not_found -> "."
let static_path =
Filename.concat system_path InstallDir.lib_opa
let stdlib_path =
Filename.concat system_path InstallDir.opa_packages
let stdlib_qmljs_path =
Filename.concat stdlib_path "stdlib.qmljs"
let plugin_object name =
(* pluginNodeJsPackage.js *)
name ^ BslConvention.Suffix.nodejspackage ^ ".js"
let path_of_plugin plugin =
(* plugin_path/plugin.opp *)
let name = plugin.BPI.basename in
let plugin_path = match plugin.BPI.path with
| Some path -> path
| None -> Filename.concat stdlib_path (name ^ ".opp") (* guess *)
let filename_of_plugin plugin =
(* plugin_path/plugin.opp/pluginNodeJsPackage.js *)
let plugin_path = path_of_plugin plugin in
let name = plugin.BPI.basename in
Filename.concat plugin_path (plugin_object name)
// Command line passes
returns a : env_bsl, env_blender
val js_generation : argv_options -> env_js_input -> env_js_output
val js_treat : argv_options -> env_js_output -> int
NEEDED from any instance of a js-compiler :
val qml_to_js : qml_to_js
type loaded_bsl = {
regular : loaded_file list;
bundled : string option;
generated_ast: JA.code
module JsTreat :
val js_bslfilesloading : Qml2jsOptions.t -> BslLib.env_bsl ->
val js_generation : Qml2jsOptions.t -> BslLib.env_bsl ->
loaded_bsl -> J.env_js_input -> env_js_output
val js_treat : Qml2jsOptions.t -> env_js_output -> int
end =
open Qml2jsOptions
let js_bslfilesloading env_opt env_bsl =
(* 1) extra libraries *)
let extra_lib = List.filter_map (function
| `server (lib, conf) -> Some (lib, conf)
| _ -> None
) env_opt.extra_lib
let loaded_files =
let fold acc (extra_lib, conf) =
let () =
TODO: refactor so that conf is not ignored,
and optimization pass applied
ignore conf
let get t =
let contents = File.content (Filename.concat t "main.js") in
(ExtraLib (Filename.basename t), contents)::acc
match File.get_locations ~dir:true env_opt.extra_path extra_lib with
| [] ->
OManager.error (
"Cannot find extra-lib @{<bright>%s@} in search path@\n"^^
"@[<2>@{<bright>Hint@}:@\nPerhaps a missing @{<bright>-I@} ?@]" ) extra_lib
| [t] -> get t
| (t::_) as all ->
OManager.warning ~wclass:WarningClass.bsl_loading (
"extra-lib @{<bright>%s@} is found in several places@\n%s\n"^^
"I will use this one : @{<bright>%s@}" ) extra_lib (String.concat " " all) t ;
get t
List.fold_left fold [] extra_lib
(* 2) loaded bsl containing js files order : since the generated
code contains call to bypass of bsl, it is too dangerous to put
the extra-libs between bsl and the generated code *)
let loaded_files =
let plugins = env_bsl.BslLib.all_external_plugins in
let fold acc loader =
if not (List.is_empty loader.BslPluginInterface.nodejs_code) then
let filename = filename_of_plugin loader in
let content = File.content filename in
(Plugin loader.BPI.basename, content) :: acc
List.fold_left fold loaded_files plugins
let ast = List.flatten (List.rev_map (fun (file, content) ->
TODO: we must take care about conf,
and not parse file tagged as Verbatim
JsParse.String.code ~throw_exn:true content
with JsParse.Exception error -> (
let _ = File.output "jserror.js" content in
OManager.error "JavaScript parser error on file '%s'\n%a\n"
(nodejs_module_of_linked_file file) JsParse.pp error;
) loaded_files)
(* Correct reverse order produced by fold *)
let loaded_files = List.rev loaded_files in
let bundled, ast = match env_bsl.BslLib.bundled_plugin with
| Some plugin ->
let content = String.concat_map "" (fun (filename, content, _) ->
Printf.sprintf "// From file %s\n%s\n" filename content
) plugin.BPI.nodejs_code in
let code =
JsParse.String.code ~throw_exn:true content
with JsParse.Exception error -> (
OManager.error "JavaScript parser error on bundled plugin\n%a\n"
JsParse.pp error;
) in
Some content, code @ ast
| None -> None, ast in
{ regular = loaded_files; bundled; generated_ast = ast; }
let write_main env_opt filename printer =
let filename = Filename.concat env_opt.compilation_directory filename in
OManager.verbose "writing file @{<bright>%s@}" filename;
let oc = open_out filename in
let fmt = Format.formatter_of_out_channel oc in
printer fmt;
close_out oc
(* Write a package.json package descriptor that can be understood by
node and npm. *)
let write_package_json env_opt =
let filename = Filename.concat env_opt.compilation_directory "package.json" in
OManager.verbose "writing file @{<bright>%s@}" filename ;
let package_name = Filename.basename env_opt.compilation_directory in
let package_desc = JsUtils.basic_package_json
~version:env_opt.package_version package_name "a.js" in
match File.pp_output filename Format.pp_print_string package_desc with
| None -> ()
| Some error ->
OManager.error "Couldn't output package: %s\n" error
module S =
type t = {
(* Packages and plugins required by file *)
plugin_requires : BPI.plugin_basename list;
opx_requires : string list;
generated_code : JsAst.code;
let pass = "ServerJavascriptCompilation"
let pp fmt {opx_requires} =
Format.fprintf fmt "opx: %a"
(Format.pp_list "@\n@\n" Format.pp_print_string) opx_requires
module R = ObjectFiles.Make(S)
let get_js_init env_js_input = List.flatten (
(fun (_, x) -> match x with
| `ast ast -> ast
| `string str ->
(* JS statement to require library [lib] *)
let require_stm name lib =
let call = ~pure:false
(JsCons.Expr.native "require")
[(JsCons.Expr.string lib)] in
match name with
| Some name ->
(JsCons.Ident.native name)
| None ->
JsCons.Statement.expr call
let fix_projection env_bsl (index, code) =
(* HACK: Projections do not take into account which plugins
produced their corresponding bypasses. Therefore, they can't
prefix the bypass identifier with the plugin module. This
function fixes that when outputting the projections in the
final code, but it makes lots of fragile assumptions and should
be replaced later with something better. Notice that we also add
the bypass to the exported object. *)
let key = BslKey.of_string index in
let bymap = env_bsl.BslLib.bymap in
let bypass = Option.get (BslLib.BSL.ByPassMap.find_opt bymap key) in
let plugin_name = BslLib.BSL.ByPass.plugin_name bypass in
let compiled = BslLib.BSL.ByPass.compiled_implementation
~lang:BslLanguage.nodejs bypass in
let compiled = match compiled with
| Some compiled -> compiled
| None ->
(* Shouldn't happen, since this bypass was correctly projected *)
OManager.error "Couldn't find bypass for index %s" index
let repr =
BslLib.BSL.Implementation.CompiledFunction.compiler_repr compiled
let field = BslKey.to_string key in
(fun expr ->
match expr with
| JA.Je_ident (_, ident) when JsIdent.to_string ident = repr ->
(JsCons.Expr.native ("__opa_" ^ plugin_name))
| _ -> expr)
let compilation_generation env_opt env_bsl plugin_requires
bundled_plugin env_js_input =
let js_init =
if env_opt.modular_plugins then
(* FIXME: there's probably a bug when fixing projections
that belong to the bundled plugin, since this
function cannot distinguish between projections
from a bundled plugin and regular ones *) (fix_projection env_bsl) (get_js_init env_js_input)
else snd (get_js_init env_js_input) in
let js_code = js_init @ env_js_input.js_code in
let opx_requires = ObjectFiles.fold_dir ~packages:true
(fun requires opx -> opx :: requires) [] in
let save = {S.
generated_code = js_code;
} in save;
let runtime_requires =
List.filter_map (fun extra_lib ->
match extra_lib with
| `server (name, _) -> Some (require_stm None name)
| _ -> None
) env_opt.extra_lib in
(* Add needed plugins *)
let plugin_requires = (fun plugin_name ->
require_stm (Some ("__opa_" ^ plugin_name)) (plugin_name ^ ".opp")
) plugin_requires in
(* Add package dependencies
NB by not reversing this we were getting bugs in the order of
the requires *)
let opx_requires = List.rev_map (fun opx ->
require_stm None (Filename.basename opx)
) opx_requires in
let requires = runtime_requires @ plugin_requires @ opx_requires in
let print_content fmt =
Format.fprintf fmt "%a\n%s%a\n"
JsPrint.pp_min#code requires
(Option.default "" bundled_plugin)
JsPrint.scoped_pp_min#code js_code in
let filename = "a.js" in
let build_dir = env_opt.compilation_directory in
OManager.verbose "create/enter directory @{<bright>%s@}" build_dir ;
let success = File.check_create_path build_dir in
if not success then
OManager.error "cannot create or enter in directory @{<bright>%s@}"
write_main env_opt filename print_content;
match ObjectFiles.compilation_mode () with
| `compilation -> write_package_json env_opt
| _ -> ()
let depends_dir env_opt =
Printf.sprintf "%s_depends" (File.from_pattern "%"
let modules_dir env_opt =
Filename.concat (depends_dir env_opt) "node_modules"
let is_standard file =
String.is_prefix stdlib_path file ||
String.is_prefix static_path file
let maybe_install_node_module env_opt path =
if not (is_standard path) then
let short_name = Filename.basename path in
let dest_name = Filename.concat (modules_dir env_opt) short_name in
let success = File.copy_rec ~force:true path dest_name = 0 in
if not success then
OManager.error "Couldn't copy module %s to %s" short_name dest_name
let get_target env_opt =
(* Write shell script incantation to check dependencies,
set load path, etc *)
let write_launcher_header oc env_opt =
Printf.fprintf oc "#!/usr/bin/env sh
/*usr/bin/env true
export NODE_PATH=\"%s:$NODE_PATH:node_modules:/usr/local/lib/node_modules:%s:%s:%s\"
var dependencies = ['mongodb', 'formidable', 'nodemailer', 'simplesmtp', 'imap'];
var opa_dependencies = [%s];
" (modules_dir env_opt) stdlib_qmljs_path stdlib_path static_path LaunchHelper.script
(if env_opt.static_link then "" else "'opa-js-runtime-cps'")
let linking_generation_static env_opt loaded_bsl env_js_input =
(* When linking statically, we just produce a big file
concatenating all JS files. First we add the runtime and
plugins, then packages, then BSL projections and finally the
current code *)
let loaded_files = loaded_bsl.regular in
let oc = open_out_gen [Open_wronly; Open_creat; Open_trunc]
0o700 (get_target env_opt) in
let fmt = Format.formatter_of_out_channel oc in
write_launcher_header oc env_opt;
List.iter (fun (file, content) ->
Format.fprintf fmt "// From %s\n"
(nodejs_module_of_linked_file file);
Format.fprintf fmt "%s\n" content
) loaded_files;
R.iter_with_dir ~deep:true ~packages:true
(fun package_dir saved ->
Format.fprintf fmt "// From %s\n"
(Filename.basename package_dir);
Format.fprintf fmt "%a\n" JsPrint.pp_min#code
let projections = get_js_init env_js_input in
List.iter (fun (_, code) ->
Format.fprintf fmt "%a\n" JsPrint.pp_min#statement code
) projections;
Format.fprintf fmt "// Main program\n";
Format.fprintf fmt "%a\n" JsPrint.pp_min#code
close_out oc
let needs_package_install env_bsl =
List.exists (fun plugin ->
match plugin.BPI.path with
| Some path -> not (is_standard path)
| None -> false
) env_bsl.BslLib.all_external_plugins ||
ObjectFiles.fold_dir ~packages:true ~deep:false
(fun acc path -> acc || not (is_standard path)) false
(* Install required dependencies in the application
node_modules directory *)
let install_dependencies env_opt env_bsl =
List.iter (fun plugin ->
match plugin.BPI.path with
| Some path -> maybe_install_node_module env_opt path
| None -> ()
) env_bsl.BslLib.all_external_plugins;
ObjectFiles.iter_dir ~packages:true ~deep:true
(fun path ->
maybe_install_node_module env_opt path
let linking_generation_dynamic env_opt env_bsl =
(* "Dynamic" here is somewhat of a misnomer. Compared to "static"
mode, where we produce just a single file, what we actually do
is the following:
1- If the program depends on any non-standard plugins or
packages, then we need to install its dependencies.
- The "main" file (i.e. the one given as -o) will be just the
launcher script, which will load the rest of the program.
- The rest of the program will reside in directory
[app]_depends, where app is the name of the launcher w/o the
extension. app_depends/main.js will contain the application
code. Standard dependencies (i.e. the stdlib, runtime and
normal bsl) will be required from their installed
locations. Other dependencies, such as additional plugins and
packages, will be copied to app_depends/node_modules, following
NodeJs conventions.
2- Otherwise, no dependencies need to be installed, since all
of them can be found in the installation path. In this case, we
don't need a separate "_depends" dir and produce just one main
file with "requires" for the dependencies.
if needs_package_install env_bsl then
install_dependencies env_opt env_bsl;
let oc = open_out_gen [Open_wronly; Open_creat; Open_trunc]
0o700 (get_target env_opt) in
write_launcher_header oc env_opt;
let content = File.content
(Filename.concat env_opt.compilation_directory "a.js") in
Printf.fprintf oc "%s\n" content;
close_out oc
let linking_generation env_opt env_bsl plugin_requires loaded_bsl env_js_input =
compilation_generation env_opt env_bsl plugin_requires
loaded_bsl.bundled env_js_input;
if env_opt.static_link then
linking_generation_static env_opt loaded_bsl env_js_input
linking_generation_dynamic env_opt env_bsl
let js_generation env_opt env_bsl loaded_bsl env_js_input =
let plugin_requires = List.filter_map (fun plugin ->
if List.is_empty plugin.BslPluginInterface.nodejs_code then
Some plugin.BslPluginInterface.basename
) env_bsl.BslLib.direct_external_plugins in
begin match ObjectFiles.compilation_mode () with
| `compilation ->
compilation_generation env_opt env_bsl plugin_requires
loaded_bsl.bundled env_js_input
| `init -> ()
| `linking ->
linking_generation env_opt env_bsl plugin_requires
loaded_bsl env_js_input
| `prelude -> assert false
{ generated_files = [get_target env_opt, ""] }
let js_treat env_opt env_js_output =
if not env_opt.exe_run
then 0
let args = env_opt.exe_argv in
let args = args @ ( fst env_js_output.generated_files ) in
let prog = fst (List.hd env_js_output.generated_files) in
let prog = Filename.concat (Sys.getcwd ()) prog in
OManager.verbose "building finished, will run @{<bright>%s@}" prog ;
let command = String.concat " " (prog::args) in
OManager.verbose "exec$ %s" command ;
let args = Array.of_list (prog::args) in
let run () = Unix.execvp prog args in
Unix.handle_unix_error run ()
module Sugar :
val for_opa : val_:(string -> QmlAst.ident) ->
?bsl:JsAst.code ->
closure_map:Ident.t IdentMap.t ->
is_distant:(Ident.t -> bool) ->
renaming:QmlRenamingMap.t ->
bsl_lang:BslLanguage.t ->
(module Qml2jsOptions.JsBackend) ->
Qml2jsOptions.t ->
BslLib.env_bsl ->
QmlTyper.env ->
QmlAst.code ->
val dummy_for_opa : (module Qml2jsOptions.JsBackend) -> unit
let for_opa ~val_ ?bsl:bsl_code ~closure_map ~is_distant ~renaming ~bsl_lang back_end argv env_bsl env_typer code =
let module M = (val back_end : Qml2jsOptions.JsBackend) in
let env_js_input = M.compile ~val_ ?bsl:bsl_code ~closure_map ~is_distant ~renaming ~bsl_lang argv env_bsl env_typer code in
let dummy_for_opa backend =
let module M = (val backend : Qml2jsOptions.JsBackend) in
M.dummy_compile ()
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