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Copyright © 2011, 2012 MLstate
This file is part of Opa.
Opa is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, as published by
the Free Software Foundation.
Opa is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for
more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with Opa. If not, see <>.
(* depends *)
module Format = BaseFormat
module Hashtbl = BaseHashtbl
module List = BaseList
module String = BaseString
(* alias *)
(* shorthands *)
module BPI = BslPluginInterface
module O = OpaEnv
module SA = SurfaceAst
(* -- *)
let debug fmt =
OManager.printf ("@{<cyan>[Bsl]@}@ @[<2>"^^fmt^^"@]@.")
The plugins are accumulated during the compilation, as well as the extralib and extrapaths
needed for using them.
A warning is nevertheless produced by the bypass typer when a bypass is normaly not in
the scope of the current package.
This appears only in autobuild mode, e.g. compiling a package B after a package A,
when :
-the package A imports the plugin P
-the package B does not imports the plugin P
-B uses bypass from P
This situation works because of the side effects accumulated there,
but the user is just warned that if he would try to compile the package B separatly,
it would not work, and invite him to add the import-plugin P in the package B.
The plugin basename, without the opp extesion
type plugin_name = string
module S =
type entry = {
plugin_name : plugin_name ;
extralib : string ;
extrapath : string ;
bypass : string ;
type t = entry list
let pass = "BslLoading"
let pp_entry fmt e =
Format.fprintf fmt "@[<2>Entry: {@\nplugin_name:%S@\nextralib:%S@\nextrapath:%S@\nbypass:%S@]}@]"
let pp = Format.pp_list "@\n" pp_entry
let make plugin_name extralib extrapath bypass = {
plugin_name ;
extralib ;
extrapath ;
bypass ;
module R = ObjectFiles.Make(S)
module Separation :
type t
val create : unit -> t
val add : t -> S.entry -> unit
val get : t -> S.t
end =
type t = S.entry list ref
let create () = ref []
let add t s = t := s :: !t
let get t = !t
let already_seen_plugin : (plugin_name, plugin_name) Hashtbl.t = Hashtbl.create 16
We accumulate the extralib and extrapath implied by the seen plugins,
and add it in the topologic order of plugins (after finalization).
let extralib_plugin : (plugin_name, string) Hashtbl.t = Hashtbl.create 16
let extrapath_plugin : (plugin_name, string) Hashtbl.t = Hashtbl.create 16
let pp_options fmt options =
let pp = DebugPrint.pp ~depth:max_int in
Format.fprintf fmt "cclib: %a@\n" pp options.O.cclib ;
Format.fprintf fmt "ccopt: %a@\n" pp options.O.ccopt ;
Format.fprintf fmt "mllopt: %a@\n" pp options.O.mllopt ;
Format.fprintf fmt "mlcopt: %a@\n" pp options.O.mlcopt ;
Format.fprintf fmt "extrapath: %a@\n" pp options.O.extrapath ;
Format.fprintf fmt "extralibs: %a@\n" pp options.O.extralibs ;
Add in the options the needed extralib and extrapath implies by the topologic
order of plugins given.
This add at the end of already present lib and path, if there are not already there.
let upgrade_options plugins options =
let make_tbl list =
let tab = Hashtbl.create 16 in
let () = List.iter (fun lib -> Hashtbl.add tab lib ()) list in
(* options implied by the dependencies of the plugins *)
let t_cclib = make_tbl options.O.cclib in
let t_ccopt = make_tbl options.O.ccopt in
let t_mllopt = make_tbl options.O.mllopt in
let t_mlcopt = make_tbl options.O.mlcopt in
let t_extrapath = make_tbl options.O.extrapath in
let t_extralibs = make_tbl options.O.extralibs in
let rev_filter_append present list old = List.fold_left
(fun rev elt -> if Hashtbl.mem present elt then rev else elt::rev)
old list
let upgrade_from_properties (rev_cclib, rev_ccopt, rev_mllopt, rev_mlcopt, rev_extrapath, rev_extralibs) properties =
let rev_cclib = rev_filter_append t_cclib properties.BslConf.cclib rev_cclib in
let rev_ccopt = rev_filter_append t_ccopt properties.BslConf.ccopt rev_ccopt in
let rev_mlcopt = rev_filter_append t_mlcopt properties.BslConf.mlcopt rev_mlcopt in
let rev_mllopt = rev_filter_append t_mllopt properties.BslConf.mllopt rev_mllopt in
let rev_extrapath = rev_filter_append t_extrapath properties.BslConf.mlinclude rev_extrapath in
let rev_extralibs = rev_filter_append t_extralibs properties.BslConf.mllibs rev_extralibs in
(rev_cclib, rev_ccopt, rev_mllopt, rev_mlcopt, rev_extrapath, rev_extralibs)
let rev_cclib, rev_ccopt, rev_mllopt, rev_mlcopt, rev_extrapath, rev_extralibs =
(fun rev_stuffs plugin ->
let conf = plugin.BPI.conf in
(* All platform *)
let properties = conf.BslConf.all_platform in
let rev_stuffs = upgrade_from_properties rev_stuffs properties in
(* Platform specificities *)
let platform =
let open Mlstate_platform in
match mlstate_platform with
| Unix -> conf.BslConf.linux
| Windows ->
| Cygwin -> conf.BslConf.cygwin
let rev_stuffs = Option.fold upgrade_from_properties rev_stuffs platform in
([], [], [], [], [], [])
let cclib = options.O.cclib @ (List.rev rev_cclib) in
let ccopt = options.O.ccopt @ (List.rev rev_ccopt) in
let mllopt = options.O.mllopt @ (List.rev rev_mllopt) in
let mlcopt = options.O.mlcopt @ (List.rev rev_mlcopt) in
let extrapath = options.O.extrapath @ (List.rev rev_extrapath) in
let extralibs = options.O.extralibs @ (List.rev rev_extralibs) in
(* options implied by the plugins *)
let t_bypass_plugins = make_tbl options.O.bypass_plugin in
let t_extralibs = make_tbl extralibs in
let t_extrapath = make_tbl extrapath in
let rev_acc present to_add plugins = List.fold_left
(fun rev plugin ->
match plugin.BPI.basename with
(* Bundled plugins do not need to be included *)
| None -> rev
| Some plugin_name ->
let rev =
match Hashtbl.find_opt to_add plugin_name with
| None -> rev
| Some add ->
if Hashtbl.mem present add
then rev
else add::rev
rev) [] plugins
let server_plugins = List.filter (fun plugin ->
) plugins in
let rev_plugins = rev_acc t_bypass_plugins already_seen_plugin plugins in
let rev_libs = rev_acc t_extralibs extralib_plugin server_plugins in
let rev_path = rev_acc t_extrapath extrapath_plugin plugins in
let bypass_plugin = options.O.bypass_plugin @ (List.rev rev_plugins) in
let extralibs = extralibs @ (List.rev rev_libs) in
let extrapath = extrapath @ (List.rev rev_path) in
{ options
with OpaEnv.
cclib ;
ccopt ;
mllopt ;
mlcopt ;
bypass_plugin ;
extralibs ;
extrapath ;
let resolve_entry search_path entry =
let { S.plugin_name = basename ; extralib ; extrapath ; bypass } = entry in
match Filename.is_relative extrapath with
| false -> entry
| true ->
(* Searching plugin in extra path... *)
let candidates = List.fold_left
(fun acc p ->
let fullname = Filename.concat p extrapath in
if List.mem fullname acc then
else (
OManager.verbose "Seraching %s on %s => %s : %b" extrapath
p fullname (File.is_directory fullname)
if File.is_directory fullname then fullname :: acc else acc
) [] search_path in
let aux extrapath =
OManager.verbose "Select %s" extrapath;
{S.plugin_name = basename; extralib; extrapath;
bypass = Filename.concat extrapath (Filename.basename bypass)} in
match candidates with
| [] -> entry
| [extrapath] -> aux extrapath
| extrapath::_ as places ->
OManager.warning ~wclass:WarningClass.bsl_loading
"@\nThe plugin @{<bright>%S@} is found in several places :\n(%s).@\nI will use @{<bright>%S@}"
(String.concat "; " places)
extrapath ;
aux extrapath
module StringOptCompare : (OrderedTypeSig.S with type t = string option) =
type t = string option
let compare a b = Option.make_compare a b
module StringOptSet = BaseSet.Make(StringOptCompare)
(* Return plugins listed in [plugins] that are directly mentioned by
[code]. The compiler currently outputs direct calls to opabsl, so
we must include that as well even if the code doesn't explicitely
mention it. *)
let find_used_plugins bypass_map code =
let collect_bypasses used_bypasses (expr, _) =
match expr with
| SA.Bypass key -> BslKeySet.add key used_bypasses
| _ -> used_bypasses in
let used_bypasses = List.fold_left (fun used_bypasses (_, _, code) ->
OpaWalk.Code.fold collect_bypasses used_bypasses code
) BslKeySet.empty code in
let used_plugins_names =
BslLib.BSL.ByPassMap.fold (fun key bypass used_plugins_names ->
if BslKeySet.mem key used_bypasses then
StringOptSet.add (BslLib.BSL.ByPass.plugin_name bypass) used_plugins_names
) bypass_map (StringOptSet.singleton (Some "opabsl")) in
let process
(* Pass *)
let plugins = "opabsl" :: options.O.bypass_plugin in
let server_back_end = options.O.back_end in
let client_back_end = options.O.js_back_end in
let cwd = Sys.getcwd () in
let search_path = cwd :: ObjectFiles.get_paths () in
(* Separated compilation: loading *)
let () =
let iter (package_name, _) entries =
let iter_entry entry =
let { S.plugin_name = basename ; extralib ; extrapath ; bypass } = resolve_entry search_path entry in
if not (Hashtbl.mem already_seen_plugin basename)
then (
BslLib.declare_visibility package_name basename ;
Hashtbl.add already_seen_plugin basename basename ;
Hashtbl.add extralib_plugin basename extralib ;
Hashtbl.add extrapath_plugin basename extrapath ;
BslDynlink.load_bypass_plugin_cache (BslDynlink.MarshalPlugin bypass) ;
List.iter iter_entry entries
R.iter_with_name ~packages:true ~deep:true iter
let separation = Separation.create () in
let commandline = FilePos.nopos "command line" in
let plugins = (fun p -> (p, commandline)) plugins in
Collect plugin from code and add then in the plugins list.
Resolve the found location for these plugins (using also by default
the location in the InstallDir)
let code, imported_plugins =
let imported_plugins = ref [] in
let filter = function
| SA.Package (`import_plugin, name), label ->
let pos = label.QmlLoc.pos in
let names = [] in (* maybe give plugin from command line *)
let targets = ObjectFiles.expand_glob ~mode:`plugin names (name, pos) in
let () =
#<If:BSL_LOADING $contains "import">
debug "import-plugin: %a" (Format.pp_list " ; " (Format.pp_fst Format.pp_print_string)) targets
imported_plugins := List.rev_append targets !imported_plugins ;
| _ -> true
let code = List.tail_map
(fun (filename, content, code) ->
let code = List.filter filter code in
(filename, content, code)) code
code, !imported_plugins
let plugins = List.rev_append imported_plugins plugins in
Normalization of plugin name: add extension if not present
let suffix = "." ^ BslConvention.Extension.plugin in
let plugins = List.rev_map
(fun (name, pos) ->
let name = if String.is_suffix suffix name then name else name^suffix in
name, pos
) plugins in
let package_name = ObjectFiles.get_current_package_name () in
(* Search additional plug-ins.*)
List.iter (
fun (bypass_plugin, pos) ->
(* the bypass_plugin is containing the extension opp *)
let basename = Filename.basename bypass_plugin in
let basename = File.chop_extension basename in
There we can add an information of bypass visibility:
The current package is in the scope of visibility of the plugin basename.
This can be used for adding a warning about missing dependencies detected in autobuild.
BslLib.declare_visibility package_name basename ;
if not (Hashtbl.mem already_seen_plugin basename)
then (
Hashtbl.add already_seen_plugin basename basename ;
let filename =
if Filename.is_relative bypass_plugin
We should find it in the searched path
let found_files = List.filter_map
(fun p ->
let fullname = Filename.concat p bypass_plugin in
if File.is_directory fullname then Some fullname else None
) search_path in
let file = match found_files with
| [] -> bypass_plugin
| [fullname] -> fullname
| fullname::_ ->
OManager.warning ~wclass:WarningClass.bsl_loading
"%a@\nThe plugin @{<bright>%S@} is found in several places.@\nI will use @{<bright>%S@}"
FilePos.pp pos
fullname ;
else bypass_plugin
let () =
if not (File.is_directory filename)
OManager.error "%a@\nI/O error: cannot find @{<bright>%S@} on %s" FilePos.pp pos filename
(String.concat "; " search_path);
let inclusion = BslConvention.inclusion ~cwd filename in
let extralib = inclusion.BslConvention.extralib in
let extrapath = inclusion.BslConvention.extrapath in
let plugin = inclusion.BslConvention.plugin in
Hashtbl.add extralib_plugin basename extralib ;
Hashtbl.add extrapath_plugin basename extrapath ;
BslDynlink.load_bypass_plugin (BslDynlink.MarshalPlugin plugin) ;
let inclusion =
let bypass_plugin =
if (BslArgs.get ()).BslArgs.no_absolute then
Filename.basename bypass_plugin
else bypass_plugin
BslConvention.inclusion ~cwd:"" bypass_plugin in
let extralib = inclusion.BslConvention.extralib in
let extrapath = inclusion.BslConvention.extrapath in
let plugin = inclusion.BslConvention.plugin in
Separation.add separation (S.make basename extralib extrapath plugin)
) plugins ;
(* Resolve dependencies. *)
let all_plugins = BslPluginTable.finalize () in
(* upgrade options *)
let () =
#<If:BSL_LOADING $contains "options">
debug "@[<2>options before upgrade: @\n%a@]@\n" pp_options options
let options = upgrade_options all_plugins options in
let () =
#<If:BSL_LOADING $contains "options">
debug "@[<2>options after upgrade: @\n%a@]@\n" pp_options options
(* Link with ObjectFiles *)
let () =
let t = List.rev_map (fun p -> p.BPI.self_module_name, p.BPI.uniq_id)
all_plugins in
ObjectFiles.set_bsl_plugins t
Actually load plugins.
There is already a mecanism for avoiding multiple loading in the RegisterInterface.
List.iter (fun loader -> BslLib.BSL.RegisterInterface.dynload
loader.BPI.dynloader) all_plugins;
TODO(Mathieu) : if needed only.
It is actually possible to remove this
by coding a table export in libbsl
let client_back_end_dynload, client_bsl_lang =
let module M = (val client_back_end : Qml2jsOptions.JsBackend) in
(M.dynloader, BslLanguage.js) in
let server_back_end_dynload, server_bsl_lang =
match server_back_end with
| `qmlflat -> (Flat_Compiler.dynloader,
| `qmljs -> (client_back_end_dynload, BslLanguage.nodejs)
(* Register plug-ins with actual backend.*)
(fun plugin ->
(* ML back-end *)
server_back_end_dynload plugin ;
(* js back-end *)
client_back_end_dynload plugin ;
) all_plugins;
(* Build bypass map *)
let bymap =
let lang = [client_bsl_lang; server_bsl_lang] in
~filter:(fun bp -> BslLib.BSL.ByPass.implemented_in_any bp ~lang)
let used_plugins_names = find_used_plugins bymap code in
let all_external_plugins = List.filter (fun plugin ->
Option.is_some plugin.BPI.basename
) all_plugins in
(* Only plugins that are directly used by the current unit *)
let direct_external_plugins = List.filter (fun plugin ->
StringOptSet.mem plugin.BPI.basename used_plugins_names
) all_external_plugins in
let bundled_plugin =
(* FIXME: Right now, inlining doesn't work well with private
module constants. Therefore, we will include the bundled plugin
in every package, even if it isn't used directly *)
List.find_opt (fun plugin ->
Option.is_none plugin.BPI.basename
) all_plugins in
let bsl = { BslLib.
bymap; all_plugins; all_external_plugins;
direct_external_plugins; bundled_plugin;
} in
(* Separated compilation: saving *)
let () = (Separation.get separation) in
options, code, bsl
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