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# -*- conf -*- (for emacs)
# preprocessing
true: with_mlstate_debug, warn_A, warn_e, warn_error_A
<**/*.{ml,mli}>: use_libbase, use_libqmlcompil, use_passlib, use_opalang, use_compilerlib, use_opacapi
<surfaceAst*.{ml,mli}>: use_opalib, use_libbsl
# specific tags, compilation
<pass_CollectAnnotations.{ml,mli}>: use_qmlslicer
<pass_CheckOptionsConsistency.{ml,mli}>: use_opalib, use_qml2js
<pass_ServerDeclaration.{ml,mli}>: use_opalib, use_opacapi
<surfaceAstDependencies.{ml,mli}>: use_graph
<surfaceAstRenaming.{ml,mli}>: use_compilerlib
<surfaceAstPasses.{ml,mli}>: use_qml2js
<pass_CompileTimeDirective.{ml,mli}>: use_opalib, use_compilerlib, use_buildinfos
<i18nAndComputedString.{ml,mli}>: use_opalib
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