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* Name output module
let module_name = "myprotocol"
let bsl_prefix = "plugin"
** Implemented.
* External types
extern typ : My.type = "[(key,handler);...]"
** Implemented for all phases.
* Handle cons tuples
type Dog of int * string
** Implemented but a *real* hack.
*** TODO: tidy this up.
* Backwards compatibility for versions
* Error handling
Currently just segfaults on parser fail.
* Debugging
* Update hlnet wrappers
direct send receive after server init.
let init_server = ("",12345,...)???
val send_cat : cat
val receive_dog : dog
val send_receive_profile : profile -> profile
** Implemented as responders
val responder_type : type1 -> type2
Works with ML and BSL but not OPA.
* Put support code in external libraries
* Optimisation
fold_record vs. dot.
profile native OPA vs BSL.
convert to text module in OPA.
make input functional.
convert ServerLib to runtime code.
* Tidy up and document
Remove redundant code (quite a lot).
User manual.