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@@ -3,10 +3,15 @@ New features:
* opa bundle: added a new CLI to `opa` to bundle the JS, depends and stdlib of an app
for an easy deployment on a clean server.
`opa bundle TARGET` will create a self contained TARGET.opa-bundle and tar-gzip it.
+ * opa create has a new mvc-small template, the two others has been also updated
* improved the launch script on Mac: download and open node installer if necessary
+ * opa-create is not compiled during installation anymore
+ * various improvements for opa cerate
+ * we do not check node max version anymore
+ * use installed mongod if exists in PATH
@@ -23,6 +28,7 @@ Bug fixes:
* Fix import plugin extraction script on FreeBSD (thanks Jeremy Messenger <>)
* opa-create now takes the remaining arguments given to `opa create`
+ * SmtpClient: fixed mail send when using default_options only
2012.07.30, Version 1.0.5 (stable), v2988

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