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+Manpage generation for Opa binaries
+The manpage of a binary XX is generated according to the rules of
+0) if a file exists, we use it
+1) if the manpage of XX is generated by a specific Ocaml program, we
+use it (e.g. this is the case for the compiler 'opa')
+2) otherwise, we try to use existing files:
+- XX.summary
+- XX.synopsis
+- XX.description
+- XX.options
+and the output of 'XX --help' to build a default manpage.
+.How to live with the default manpage generation
+Everything should work fine provide 'XX --help' outputs somethings
+like this:
+XX: do something useful ## summary
+Usage: XX [options] arguments ## synopsis
+This is some description ## beginning of description
+on several lines. ## end of description
+Options: ## introduce the options
+ -o <name> some useful option
+ ...
+Existing files .description .summary etc are always higher prioritary
+than the chunks of the help message. Missing sections are
+omitted. When regexp matching fails, the text ends up as a description
+by default.

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