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[feature] js-like,mode: new mode for js-like syntax

Added initial opa-js-mode.el file.
[fix] utils:  Removed debug statements from opa-js-mode.el.
[fix] utils:  Updated load advice in opa-js-mode.el.
[feature] utils:  Added opajs vim mode (just some fiddles with keywords).
[feature] utils:  Record types for opa-js-mode.
[feature] utils:  Renamed opa-mode to opa-classic-mode.
[feature] emacs modes:  Updated installer and emacs startup files for opa-js-mode.
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1 parent 432467c commit 806bffb83fa976fe810fa38a467a779edc56f7b3 @nrs135 nrs135 committed with OpaOnWindowsNow Feb 9, 2012
@@ -238,7 +238,7 @@ fi
$SRCDIR/utils/ --uninstall --dir $INSTALLDIR
install -m 0755 -v $SRCDIR/utils/ $INSTALLDIR/share/opa
mkdir -p $INSTALLDIR/share/opa/emacs
-install -m 0644 -v $SRCDIR/utils/emacs/{opa-mode.el,site-start.el} $INSTALLDIR/share/opa/emacs
+install -m 0644 -v $SRCDIR/utils/emacs/{opa-mode.el,opa-js-mode.el,site-start.el} $INSTALLDIR/share/opa/emacs
mkdir -p $INSTALLDIR/share/opa/vim
cp -r $SRCDIR/utils/vim/* $INSTALLDIR/share/opa/vim/
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ done
logger -t "OPA" "Installing Emacs plug-in"
sudo mkdir -p "$DEST_EMACS"
sudo install $MLSTATELIBS/share/opa/emacs/opa-mode.el "$DEST_EMACS/"
+sudo install $MLSTATELIBS/share/opa/emacs/opa-js-mode.el "$DEST_EMACS/"
sudo install $MLSTATELIBS/share/opa/emacs/site-start.el "$DEST_EMACS/"
logger -t "OPA" "Set ownership to 'root'"
@@ -97,8 +97,9 @@
-;; Enable spell-checking on OPA comments and strings
-(add-hook 'opa-mode-hook 'enable_flyspell)
+;; Enable spell-checking on OPA CLASSIC comments and strings
+;; Note that flyspell has not been tested on OPA JS mode, yet.
+(add-hook 'opa-classic-mode-hook 'enable_flyspell)
;; Enable spell-checking on Caml comments and strings
(add-hook 'tuareg-mode-hook 'enable_flyspell)
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