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[fix] ei: correctly computing the have_typeof set when variables aren…

…'t shared in a recursive set of bindings
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1 parent caf4f1e commit 852f58c05c74d3433ad5de5810bbd788588c4c51 Valentin Gatien-Baron committed with OpaOnWindowsNow Jun 27, 2011
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41 qmlpasses/
@@ -1187,9 +1187,19 @@ let walk_generalization (have_typeof:QmlTypeVars.FreeVars.t) id gamma annotmap e
(* Calculates the set of type variables that are used in any @typeof;
can be computed incrementally, but according to the order
- of dependecies between top-level values; until we implement polymorphic
- recursion, we don't need a fixpoint computation for mutual recursion,
- even a local fixpoint (for a single toplevel ValRec set) is not needed *)
+ of dependencies between top-level values
+ We need a fixpoint for recursive bindings if the variables in their schemes
+ are not guaranteed to be identical:
+ rec f(x) = g(x) and g(x) = f(x)
+ if the typeschemes of f and g share the same 'a, then there is no need for a fixpoint
+ (this is the kind of types returned by the typer)
+ However, if the variables are not guaranteed to be shared, then we need
+ the fixpoint (and this happens because the early lambda lifting refreshes
+ variables to avoid some unwanted sharing)
+ Since the lambda lifting refreshes only toplevel declarations, we never need a fixpoint
+ for local recursions
let debug fmt = console_debug "have_typeof" fmt
let have_typeof ~set gamma annotmap qmlAst =
let walk (tainted:QmlTypeVars.FreeVars.t) e =
@@ -1263,12 +1273,29 @@ let have_typeof ~set gamma annotmap qmlAst =
let new_tainted = QmlTypeVars.FreeVars.diff tainted _original_tainted in
debug "%s" (QmlTypeVars.FreeVars.to_string new_tainted)
- tainted
- in
+ tainted in
let walk_top tainted top = QmlAstWalk.Expr.fold_up walk tainted top in
+ let size {QmlTypeVars.typevar; rowvar; colvar} =
+ QmlTypeVars.TypeVarSet.cardinal typevar +
+ QmlTypeVars.RowVarSet.cardinal rowvar +
+ QmlTypeVars.ColVarSet.cardinal colvar in
let lt =
- QmlAstWalk.CodeExpr.fold walk_top set qmlAst
- in
+ List.fold_left
+ (fun lt code_elt ->
+ match code_elt with
+ | Q.NewVal (_,iel) ->
+ List.fold_left (fun lt (_,e) -> walk_top lt e) lt iel
+ | Q.NewValRec (_,iel) ->
+ (* fixpointing *)
+ let rec repeat prev_size lt =
+ let lt = List.fold_left (fun lt (_,e) -> walk_top lt e) lt iel in
+ let new_size = size lt in
+ if new_size = prev_size then lt
+ else repeat new_size lt in
+ repeat (size lt) lt
+ | _ ->
+ assert false
+ ) set qmlAst in
let s_lt = QmlTypeVars.FreeVars.to_string lt in
debug "Total have typeof list is %s" s_lt

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