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@@ -9,21 +9,36 @@ Improvements:
- Improved type error messages (by adding type witnesses)
- Improved syntax error messages
- Better compliance with Lintian
+- Do not copy standard Opa JS plugins and packages when building object
New features:
- A module can be coerced with a restricted interface
- Character } is treated as reserved in html environment
- opa-plugin-builder and opa-plugin-brower now have their manpages
+- Output a package.json descriptor for packages and plugins
+- Add flag --package-version to specify version in package.json
+- (experimental) option --modular-plugins to export plugin
+ bypasses following commonjs conventions instead of using
+ the global namespace. For now, the stdlib must be compiled
+ with it in order to work.
+- opa now accepts .js and .nodejs files when compiling packages and
+ executables. Files should be in plugin format and used with standard
+ plugin syntax.
-Bug fixes::
+Bug fixes:
- File.content on node backend
- install PATH fixed
+- Wrong renaming of variables in JS catch statements
+- Obj. dependency directory placed in same path as main file
- Manual examples are now separate repositories:
- Git submodules used for manual examples
- Chapter 7 "Hello, database" translated in Chinese. Thanks to Li Wenbo <>
+- Process management functions (e.g. fork) that were not implemented in the
+ NodeJS backend were removed
2012.07.03, Version 1.0.4 (stable), v2403

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