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[fix] parser: better message errors

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1 parent 94748f5 commit eecdac03c89a48c26d6d1a0ca75b9580717b24a6 @hbbio hbbio committed Oct 1, 2012
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  1. +3 −3 compiler/opalang/classic_syntax/
6 compiler/opalang/classic_syntax/
@@ -1358,10 +1358,10 @@ let tag_mismatch ((ns1,_annot), (tag1,tag1_annot)) ((ns2,_annot), (tag2,{QmlLoc.
if not matched then (
(*restore tag stack*)
push_tag (tag1, tag1_annot) ;
- (error1 (sprintf "Open and close tag mismatch <%s>,found at %s, vs </%s>."
+ (error1 (sprintf "tag mismatch: opened with <%s>, closed with </%s>. Found at %s"
(hint_color (nstag_to_string ns1 tag1))
- (QmlLoc.pos_to_short_string (pos1, false))
(hint_color (nstag_to_string ns2 tag2))) _annot)
+ (QmlLoc.pos_to_short_string (pos1, false))
else ()
@@ -1370,7 +1370,7 @@ let nochild_elem nstag close_tag has_children create =
let ((ns2,_),(tag2,_)) = close_tag in
if tag1 = tag2 && ns1 = ns2 then begin
if not has_children then Some (create ())
- else error1 (sprintf "<%s> is a void element: it can't have childreni.\n <%s> found at %s"
+ else error1 (sprintf "<%s> element must be empty, it contains attributes only.\n <%s> found at %s"
(hint_color (nstag_to_string ns1 tag1))
(nstag_to_string ns1 tag1)
(FilePos.to_string pos1))

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