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@@ -36,13 +36,13 @@ just failed to fit together -- a problem now known as _impedance mismatch_.
Today, the technologies involved include the various incompatible browsers, the
server components or the database components, to quote but a few. As in 1991,
none of these technologies is wrong, but they do not fit together. Because of
-this impedence mismatch, developers need to add to their application logic
+this impedance mismatch, developers need to add to their application logic
copious amounts of glue code just to get the components to agree on
communication mechanisms and application-level protocols. Not only is this
glue code tedious, repetitive and error-prone, but this is also where most
safety and security issues arise.
-In 1991, the answer to impedence mismatch was Software Development Kits, and
+In 1991, the answer to impedance mismatch was Software Development Kits, and
indeed these SDKs proved very useful at allowing developers to develop anything
at all, but failed to address the underlying issues. This was only achieved
later, through better operating systems, better development tools, and resulted
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ powerful than any programming language you have ever used. Opa offers all the
features of a database management system, of a web server, of a server-side
framework, of a client-side framework, of a distribution middleware, a security
audit tool, but without the complexity of deployment, administration, or
-impedence mismatch of these technologies.
+impedance mismatch of these technologies.
Developing with Opa is as simple as it gets: first, write your code with the Opa
programming language -- and only the Opa programming language, no JavaScript, no

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