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[doc] resource_private: comment about a better way for ie to handle x…

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commit 4e44bffebcc89b934b2849d56b38fb59d66d9b07 1 parent abe5893
@Aqua-Ye Aqua-Ye authored
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  1. +1 −0  stdlib/core/web/resource/resource_private.opa
1  stdlib/core/web/resource/resource_private.opa
@@ -693,6 +693,7 @@ default_customizers = [customizer_for_google_frame,required_customizer_for_incom
//Additional IE-specific fix -- note that the mime type can be ignored if the resource uses [override_mime_type]
mime_type = match user_compat.renderer with
/* hack for IE (considers application/xhtml+xml as files to save) */
+ // FIXME: do this?
| { Trident=_ } -> "text/html"
/* work-around for Chrome & Safari's bug
if we serve application/xhtml+xml, we loose the password-saving mechanism for login forms
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