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[fix] http server: Install release was broken because handler_name is…

… unused on release mode.
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1 parent ce4c351 commit b1de63d0e71eb9b0707197b098685084ee8e779d @BourgerieQuentin BourgerieQuentin committed
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  1. +2 −2 libnet/
4 libnet/
@@ -458,8 +458,8 @@ let handle_put sched runtime _method hr (uri, headers, body) conn k =
server_info = hr.HST.hr_server_info; is_multipart = false; handle_request = hr} in
(HD.body runtime.HSC.rt_server.HSC.rt_dialog_content sched) { HST.cont=k; request=req; connection=conn; certificate=None }
-let handle_optional handler_name sched runtime _method hr (uri, headers) conn k =
- #<If>Logger.debug "%s: uri=%s" handler_name uri#<End>;
+let handle_optional __handler_name sched runtime _method hr (uri, headers) conn k =
+ #<If>Logger.debug "%s: uri=%s" __handler_name uri#<End>;
HSCm.check_host headers;
let req = { HST.request_scheduler=sched;
HST.request_line = { HST._method=_method; request_uri=uri; http_version=HSC.http_version_number };

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