Commits on Dec 7, 2012
  1. [feature] postgres: Automatic handling of enum types. Expanded range …

    nrs135 committed Dec 3, 2012
    …of opa types handled. Added some support functions (create_table, insert).
  2. [enhance] postgres: Tidy up. Document. Added cancel/terminate. Added …

    nrs135 committed Nov 13, 2012
    …command line options.
  3. [doc] copyright: fix links

    Aqua-Ye committed Dec 7, 2012
  4. [doc] LICENSE: minor update

    Aqua-Ye committed Dec 7, 2012
Commits on Dec 6, 2012
  1. [doc] changelog: update

    Aqua-Ye committed Dec 6, 2012
  2. [feature] stdlib, meteor.spark: Reactive value have a new sync field …

    cedricss committed Dec 6, 2012
    …to automatically synchronize all web clients. Plus a fix on null ctx
  3. [feature] stdlib, meteor.spark: Reactive values have now a render fie…

    cedricss committed Dec 6, 2012
    …ld to set a custom html template. Plus new Reactive.bind to attach events to html reactive fragments