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Commits on Jun 28, 2011
  1. [feature] stdlib: missing ssl param for server

    Hugo Heuzard authored
  2. [fix] qmlPrint: less useless parenthesis around bypasses

    Valentin Gatien-Baron authored
  3. [fix] objectFiles: is_stdlib_package wasn't up to date

    Valentin Gatien-Baron authored
  4. [fix] pass_Purge: not removing @opensums, @openrecord too early

    Valentin Gatien-Baron authored
    turns out that their annotations can be needed, because the type inside and outside the directive
    is not the same
    (unlike coerce, or @nonexpansive)
  5. [feature] widget: add the radiobutton to the stdlib

    Jessica Castejon authored Valentin Gatien-Baron committed
  6. @fpessaux

    [cleanup] Typer errors: Move/change some exceptions to be sure to hav…

    fpessaux authored
    …e source code location in messages.
  7. [feature] utils: adding a colorizer for opa using pygments

    Valentin Gatien-Baron authored
    that appears to be used by github
  8. @fpessaux
  9. @fpessaux
  10. [feature] database: a replicated mode for the database

    Louis Gesbert authored
Commits on Jun 27, 2011
  1. [enhance] daemon: option not available on MacOS

    Hugo Venturini authored
  2. [feature] stdlib: add null url

    Hugo Heuzard authored
  3. [fix] stdlib: fix the base_url commandline option

    Hugo Heuzard authored
  4. @fpessaux

    [fix] stdlib: Ticket OPA-608. Value restriction issue no CSS.

    fpessaux authored
    The origin of the problem is that
      id_gui_area = "foo"
      default_css = css #{id_gui_area} { } ;
    is rewritten into an application expression. so it is considered expansive
    and can't be generalized. The type of the expression is
      ordered_map(Css.entry, map(string, 'v0), Css.order)
    with the 'v0 being not generalizable.
    In fact, the deeper issue is the fact that we are not able to write
    in Opa the type of Map_make showing the type of values of the map.
    So we are not able to force these values to have a constrained type.
    We would like to be able to have a "'value Map('key, 'order)" or
    something like that.
    So, to workaround, we added a field to the module Css_private and a
    constraint on this field stating that values are of type
    list(Css.prop_value_item). Hence, this constraint gets propagated and
    the type of the module contains no more type variables.
    The added field "renames" (is an alias on) the field "empty" of maps and
    is the one used in parsers_utils.trx to rewrite CSS constructs.
  5. [fix] stdlib/debug: update some deprecation messages

    François-Régis Sinot authored
  6. [fix] baseArg: wrong update of Arg.split with the new String.splice_c…

    Valentin Gatien-Baron authored
  7. @fpessaux
Commits on Jun 24, 2011
  1. [doc] book/hello_chat: improved version with author choice

    François-Régis Sinot authored
  2. @BourgerieQuentin

    [fix] libbase: not quietly discarding jlog (even though it is depreca…

    BourgerieQuentin authored François-Régis Sinot committed
  3. [fix] stdlib/api/github: Dates are now instead of string

    Nicolas Glondu authored François-Régis Sinot committed
  4. [fix] configure: fixed for old bash versions, now providing a list of…

    Louis Gesbert authored
    … all tags
  5. @fpessaux
  6. [feature] configure: generating a list of available optional tags, fo…

    Louis Gesbert authored
    …r plugins building
  7. [feature] build: support for optional libraries, enabled libnattraver…

    Louis Gesbert authored
    …sal if dependencies available
  8. [cleanup] Base.String: changed String.split to a much simpler String.…

    Louis Gesbert authored
    (which corresponds to every single call case)
  9. [fix] bsl/db: fixed verbosity level of important messages to be visib…

    Louis Gesbert authored
    …le by default
  10. [fix] ei: show_instantiation was returning wrong substitutions in som…

    Valentin Gatien-Baron authored
    …e cases with nullary arrows
  11. @fpessaux

    [cleanup] qml level typer: Cleanup in obscure options never set.

    fpessaux authored
    By the way, removed optionnal arguments and put instead required with labels
    fot some pretty non-trivial arguments. However, experience shows that creation
    of the typer is always done with the same value for these arguments (gamma,
    annotmap and qml db scheme). I wonder if we should not internalize these
    parameters as fixed values of the typer creation function.
  12. [doc] review: Review of stdlib.core.xhtml

    Guillem Rieu authored
  13. [doc] review: Review of stdlib.core.web.server

    Guillem Rieu authored
  14. [doc] review: Review of stdlib.core.web.resource

    Guillem Rieu authored
  15. [doc] review: Review of stdlib.core.web.request

    Guillem Rieu authored
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