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Commits on Oct 22, 2012
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] github: Imported github.opa. 29922d5
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] github: Added remaining updated files for github V3. eafc22e
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] facebook: Temporarily remove package info. Update permissions. c48e323
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] facebook: Partial update of facebook API (untidy). 3737e6d
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] facebook: More partial work on facebook api update. 3786390
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] facebook: Implemented batch calls. Tidy up. 7842e58
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] facebook: Restore package information. 28d6a92
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] facebook: Remove debug statements. 0affa90
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Temporarily remove package info. Added debug statement…
…s. All endpoints now authenticated.
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Updated trends. 18f04a7
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Update search. b1fb3cb
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Update timelines. 319c6da
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Update tweets. Switch to string-based ids. e5d68a4
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Update direct messages. c788197
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Update friendships. c800a12
@nrs135 nrs135 [fix] twitter: Update rate limits. Reorganise. df678bd
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added accounts. Added blocks. Better page handling. 2b710c2
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added users. 31b5e62
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added suggestions. 772c084
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added favorites. 3aecdce
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added lists. 2e03873
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added saved searches. 2faa231
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added geo. 6497f09
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Added help. 84a191d
@nrs135 nrs135 [enhance] twitter: Updated docs. Tidy up. Restore package info. 7e10896