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node.js backend doesn't exit if code doesn't spawn a server #73

alokmenghrajani opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Alok Menghrajani Cédric Soulas Quentin Bourgerie
Alok Menghrajani

If I simply write:

and run the code. The server echoes Hi, but then never quits.

This behavior makes it harder to write "shell scripts" in opa (e.g. a piece of code to populate the db).

Cédric Soulas

What is the implementation of Debug.warning?
The server should quit.

If I simply write:



opa test.opa --

the server does quit.

Alok Menghrajani

doesn't quit. I'm on macosx: Opa compiler (c) MLstate -- version 1.0.4 -- build 2403

Quentin Bourgerie

Thanks Alok, for the report.

But this bug is already known and should be fixed on the next release (1.0.5).
The issue came from a toplevel setInterval on the cookies.nodejs code.

I'll close this issue as soon as the release is done.


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