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Opa just removed my PATH in windows #87

rikkertkoppes opened this Issue · 5 comments

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install got interrupted, result: my PATH is borked:

suggestion: change line 6 of opa.bat:


Thanks for reporting.
Opa for Windows will be back up-to-date with Opa 1.0.7.


At which step did you interrupt the install ? How ? (Cancel or kill)

opa.bat is only run when you need to compile opa sources and change the PATH only to call opa compiler.
It cannot break the path for more than the current terminal session.
And I think it is never run during the install.


Opa installer for Windows just did the same thing to me. I did not cancel the install, and I ran the initial batch script (which tries to find mongodb and node). It couldn't find node installed, which was weird because well... I have it installed. The problem was that the installer reset the PATH environment variable completely, and replaced it with C:\dev\opa\bin.

I had to do a System Restore to get it back.

What I ran was opa_1.0.4+build2444_amd64.release.exe.


This issue is still present! It just overrided EVERYTHNG in my PATH!


Windows was a community contribution. Right now, we recommend to use Docker/Vagrant to run Opa from a linux virtual machine in Windows.

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