Small build system improvements #1

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delroth added some commits Jun 21, 2011
@delroth delroth Fix compilation with gcc 4.6.0
The libsecurity binding is compiled with the -Werror flag, causing a
compilation error with gcc 4.6.0 due to two unused variables in
binding_ssl_ext.c. This commit removes these two variables to allow compilation
on an up to date Linux system.
@delroth delroth Support make DESTDIR=... install for easier packaging
Packaging scripts often use the DESTDIR=/some/directory variable to make the
build system install the binaries in a specific directory which will be
compressed to create the package. This commit adds support for this variable,
by introducing a new INSTALL_DIR variable in the Makefile and replacing PREFIX
by INSTALL_DIR everywhere it makes sense.

Note that by default, INSTALL_DIR=$(PREFIX) so there should not be any
compatibility problem with this commit.
@delroth delroth Use echo -e when needed in the Makefile
Some echo-ed strings in the Makefile contain \r and \c sequence characters.
They are not interpreted by default and require the -e flag to be passed to
echo. This commit adds it everywhere it is needed for a better and more
consistant output during the installation.
@git-mlstate git-mlstate pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 25, 2011
François-Régis Sinot [contrib] pull request #1 from git://
@git-mlstate git-mlstate merged commit fdaaa12 into MLstate:master Jun 25, 2011
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