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*                  OPADOC v1 -------> The Opa documentation generator                                        *

Opadoc is a utility written in Opa which generates an API documentation of opa source files.


# ./bld opadoc/opadoc.native

This will build the 'opadoc.native' documentation generator.
In the installation, a wrapper is created, nammed opadoc.

An simple exemple:

# opadoc my_file.opa

this will generate
 - doc/index.html.
 - doc/index_values.html.
 - doc/index_types.html.
 - doc/my_file.opa.html.

Build the stdlib doc:

To build the API documentation of 'opa/stdlib'.

# opa --api-only test/empty.opa
# opadoc test -o doc

open doc/index.html and enjoy !

In general:
# opadoc FILE.opa* DIR* -o directory
# open directory/index.html
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