Amazon Image for Opa

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Amazon Image (AMI) for Opa

Try and Hack Opa in 10 min with the Opa AMI!

This page explains how to hack the Opa framework itself. If you just want to write applications with Opa, read Getting started.

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This image has everything installed to try Opa in a few seconds:

opa create myapp
cd myapp
make run

But it's much more!


You want to compile Opa from sources and hack the code, but you don't have the time to install the dependencies and developments tools? This image is ready to use. More information in the how-to section.

git commit -m "[feature] Something new for Opa"


If you added a new feature or fixed a bug, send us a pull-request and join the contributors wall.

How to

Launch the Opa AMI (ami-c9388ca0). In the meantime, fork the opalang repository.

When your instance is ready, connect via ssh:

ssh -i key.pem

Clone the forked opalang repository:

git clone


cd opalang

It will check that all required dependencies are installed (and of course they are!).

Compile the code and install:

sudo make install


What type of instance should I use?

A Medium Instance is a good start, it will take approximatively 10 min to compile the code the first time on it. But if you are patient then a two times slower Small Instance is ok.

A Micro Instance can be used to try Opa, but is too slow and doesn't have enough memory to hack and compile the code.

What is the distribution?

We forked the official Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS AMI.